January 23, 2018

Jennifer and Paul ~ Austin Engagement Photographer


Yes, we are pretty excited that these two picked us to photograph their Ranch Austin wedding this weekend. We were also pretty excited that we got to meet their Bella who came for their engagement session (we’ll miss you at the wedding, Bella!). Austin put on pretty colors that day. Pretty!


Bella was a cutie pie!

Guys, we love it when pets get to be in your photographs, too. Austin is full of very dog-friendly parks so it’s not hard to find a great outdoor locations for real, lovely photographs AND get to include your fluffy family members.


Get in touch if you’d like to schedule a session of your own.



simi : 22:03 January 26, 2018
As always, I love engagement sessions you do the location, the couple, and all that green soooo lovely!!!

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