December 11, 2012

Wedding Albums

Albums, prints, etc.

I am really excited to share this with you. I know, I know—this one is long overdue.

Yes, an album is about the nicest way you can show off your wedding photos.

Let’s be really real: you’re more likely to sit yourself down with a cup of coffee on your comfy couch and an album like this one than a DVD and a laptop. This sample was for Rose and Marcin’s Zilker Clubhouse wedding. These albums from Redree are a feast for the eyes, your fingers (it’s hard not to fondle the leather) and sense of smell if you love the scent of leather. The albums are completely made by hand and get a generous amount of attention and care. They’re made to be loved and viewed and shared for years.

They come in a protective fabric (fuzzy) sleeve. Tactile adventure!

This is one of the nabuk-textured leather cover styles.

With ukelele, so you have an idea of the size. The album is 10″ x 10″ and the ukelele is, well, a ukelele. Named Bluebell, if you’re curious.

The neat corners of the cameo in the front cover:

The lovely lettering:

Of course, if you can choose one or the other—lettering or cameo—or neither. The albums are so well-constructed and beautiful. The cameos are available in several different sizes and shapes and can be placed in different places on the cover. You can even have more than one if you like. They also offer a number of different fonts in a few sizes.

So you can see how the spine looks when pages are turned:

Just a few of the page spreads:

So you can have a good idea, here’s a photo of how the seams look:While they are very neat, clean and uncut it’s still wise to be careful about the type of images you choose to put along a seam on the center of a spread.

The album pages are thick and generous in feel. Everything is printed with high-quality photo paper so they have a beautiful, rich look. This particular album has 20 sides/40 pages.

Redtree albums come in many different colored leathers and two textures (standard leather and nabuk which is similar to suede but nowhere near as rough…feels like buttah).

There’s also a good collection of 100% silks and linens.

To our dear couples: let me know if you’re interested in an album to showcase your lovely pictures. The prices begin at $1000 for a 10″x10″ album with 15 spreads/30 pages but are discounted when ordered as part of a wedding package. We can order them in several different sizes as well.

Yes, you are welcome to see it in person and feel the nabuk. You know you want to.

simis : 21:39 December 11, 2012
Wow just in time as I was considering companies! Thanks for the blog of this information Merc!
Britney : 05:34 December 12, 2013
Lovely album photos~

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