November 12, 2010

Vet’s Family ~ Austin Family Photographer


I really doubt you will ever see a set of family photos like this. Seriously. Vet’s family is one of a kind, a priceless gem. They rock. They roll. I love them!

Vet asked me to do their photos, just as they are. Just goofing off, with overalls and not getting all dressed up. Absolutely! Who am I to say no?

Here they are:

But really, that is your typical family photo. This is more them:

So let me introduce you.

This is Vet, super mama:

“Super mama” is no exaggeration. She and Tim are opening their home to special needs foster kids. They just have the desire to care for kids who really need a little extra attention.

And they are madly in love. Crazy kids.

Families that stay together play fight together, and these guys are an example of that in action.

Let me introduce you to the kids. This is Merry. She lives up to her name.

She’s a very loved big sister.

Amelia…just gorgeous.

Becky. She will make you melt with a smile. It’s a super power.

Denise. Overwhelmingly joyful. Blessed with a generous sprinkling of angel kisses/freckles.

The boys. First, Silas. He is a big part of the family’s awesome testimony and God has really worked in him.

This is Paul. I remember when they used to call him Baby Paul but I think he’s past that “baby” part now.

Treat yourself to the slide show below. Tim made these awesome toys for all of them to play with so you get to see more action shots.

And because it seems fitting—this was done by request—I leave you with this:

Tim and Vet, thanks for giving me so much more fun that morning than I was supposed to legally have. I was hoarse because I was laughing so much. You guys are an awesome example of a godly family. You are a blessing!


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