June 21, 2012

Twenty Years Ago

My Family

Quick shot, is all, nothing fancy at all. I didn’t even erase my son’s science experiment there on the left. Nice.

I just had to share it with all of you because yesterday was the 20th anniversary of our wedding. Yes, I think Jesse and I hit “old married couple” status officially. Of course it wasn’t easy (marriage isn’t for wimps) but it’s been a great 20 years. I must say this on most of the anniversary cards I give my husband, but one reason I know God loves me is because He gave Jesse to me.

“Does he make you laugh?” my mother-in-law asked me when we were talking, well before the wedding. Of course I had to say yes. I’ve yet to meet anyone with a talent for snappy one-liners. And he’s still got it.

austin wedding photographer

I’m very grateful that my husband is the one who has encouraged me to pursue working together as wedding photographers. We’ve come to meet and know some very lovely people. You all are so much fun and it’s such a privilege to get to be with you for such a major part of a major day in your lives.

Jesse’s been scanning some of our wedding day photographs and tagging me on Facebook. The “you guys look so young!” comments make me giggle (I guess we kind of were). It was so long ago, but time hasn’t diminished the value of those photos for me. But then, I’m one of those sentimental people who pour over photos over and over. I hope you are, too.


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