February 6, 2012

This is Malcom ~ Orange County Baby Photographer

My Family

This boy is dapper. Smoldering!

Malcom Close up mercedes morgan photography

But not opposed to showing a sense of humor.

malcom close up laugh mercedes morgan photography

This is his older brother, Elijah. He’s pretty dapper, too.

elijah plays san juan capistrano ca child photographer mercedes morgan photography

Malcom doesn’t always approve of the camera in his face. Or maybe he just wishes that he, too, had a fancy light-up ghost on a rope.

orange county ca baby photographer mercedes morgan photography

He’s cute. No?

malcom smiles orange county ca lifestyle photographer mercedes morgan photography

He likes to test out his hardware, fingers and toes.

mercedes morgan baby and child photographer orange county

Said fingers and toes (it’s ok to ogle).

baby fingers and baby toes orange county baby photographer mercedes morgan photography

It’s ok to squee. No, really, I won’t tell, ok?

Malcom peekaboo mercedes morgan photography orange county children photographer

Elijah is such a big help.

Oh hi, mom and dad.

Um, I love this one.

Did I mention he’s my nephew? He’s my nephew.

Kyle : 04:07 February 6, 2012
I love how this is such a cute baby session...but not at all cheesy!
Simi Shonowo : 04:16 February 6, 2012
Hey Merc, he is just gorgeous! Great captures of him!
Kellee Walsh : 05:55 February 6, 2012
What a little cutie! So many great expressions :)
Harrison : 07:13 February 6, 2012
Way tooo cute!!!! Such a gorgeous shoot!
/mariahedengren : 09:03 February 6, 2012
Super cute the close ups of the baby and the parents. Awesome!
Jared Tseng : 09:59 February 6, 2012
Super cute! And that last shot is a winner!
James : 11:16 February 6, 2012
These are so cute and totally natural shots, good job!
Heather : 14:07 February 6, 2012
SO precious! I love that last shot!
Sarah : 15:25 February 6, 2012
So so cute, I love the second to the last one but they're all adorable.
Kristi Wright : 18:45 February 6, 2012
Oh what a precious baby. Love the way you approached this session!
Nessa K : 19:56 February 6, 2012
Oh my gosh, that baby has SO much personality!! :)
Alan Hutchison : 20:55 February 6, 2012
Now I don't do cute, but if I did do cute, these would be cute! ;-)
Derek : 22:08 March 4, 2012
So adorable! Gorgeous work Mercedes.
Noelle : 17:18 August 30, 2013
Those chubby feet attached to those chubby ankles!!!! Beautiful work!

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