September 7, 2010

The M Twins ~ Austin / Steiner Ranch Newborn Photographer


How amazing babies are. These little ones were amazing. From the get-go, their personalities just shined right through. Amazing! Have I said that already?

She: first born, easily calmed, falls asleep with a bottle and a cuddle. He: alert as can be, fascinated with patterns, craving mom’s swaddling and touch.

I had forgotten how cuddly and sweet newborns are. I’ve been missing out!

These kids are beautiful. Why? They were knit by God, of course.

Thank you to mom and dad for letting me capture this very special time in their babies’ lives. I am blessed!

The M Twins ~ Austin / Steiner Ranch Newborn Photographer « Austin … | Texas : 07:14 September 7, 2010
[...] The M Twins ~ Austin / Steiner Ranch Newborn Photographer « Austin … [...]
Edith : 16:57 September 7, 2010
Wow - so beautiful - thanks for sharing! I can't wait to go visit them.
Mercedes : 18:40 September 7, 2010
Edith, you need to go! They are so cuddly. I'm glad she has her MIL to help. One at a time was hard, two at once seems exponentially more difficult!
Wendy : 19:05 September 7, 2010
Beautiful, gorgeous, precious babies ❤ ❤ And you've done an amazing job capturing it all for the parents (and us) to see. I have to point out the excellent job you did covering up their bare bottoms WITHOUT it being obvious. I only noticed because I've been studying baby photos that catch my eye for when my sisters baby arrives and I LOVE what you did with these. Beautiful babies, beautifully photographed. :) Talented artist!
Mercedes : 19:13 September 7, 2010
Wendy, thanks a lot for that comment! I'm glad it worked ok :)
Kevin Garrison : 15:38 September 10, 2010
I love it! Such beautiful kids =)
Mercedes : 22:20 September 10, 2010
Thank you :)
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