June 26, 2013

Sue Ellen and Carlos Preview


I had a ton of fun with these guys, shooting them around their new home and hearing a bit about who they are. And they are fun!

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Emily : 05:53 June 26, 2013
I love the perspective of that first shot, it's really neat. And the way they're looking at each other in the second shot! So sweet.
ed peers : 09:59 June 26, 2013
Beautiful frames Mercedes...
Edward Maurer : 18:24 June 26, 2013
The first frame is great. Follows a fibonacci spiral look. Nice.
Mike : 18:42 June 26, 2013
Beautiful images!
Sachin Khona : 19:30 June 26, 2013
Ariana Watts : 21:55 June 26, 2013
These images are so sweet! Love that you did it in their new home. Nice!
Xanthe : 01:51 June 27, 2013
Mercedes, this is a beautiful trio of images! The emotion is plain as day, and your processing really brings out that depth. Just beautiful!
Mary Sylvia : 02:57 June 27, 2013
Oh Mercedes, that first shot is stunning.
Justin : 08:12 July 1, 2013
The last shot is so good! Love it!

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