March 5, 2013

SoCo ATX Photography ~ Austin Photographer

My Family

Some frames from the last photo walk that Noah’s class took. Some of these were directed by Joshua, who used up the battery in my phone taking pictures (what else?).



CR5A7812 CR5A7814 CR5A7820 CR5A7823


CR5A7827 CR5A7829

I wanted to take him home.

CR5A7830 CR5A7831

This was included because Noah liked it:


This one is in color because Joshua said: “Color, mom. Color explains it.”

CR5A7836 CR5A7841 CR5A7842 copy CR5A7843 CR5A7846

“Look miserable! Horribly miserable!” doesn’t work on those who refuse to respond to reverse psychology. Because they know it exists.

CR5A7851 copy CR5A7855

Joshua said to:


And then he said:

CR5A7863 CR5A7867 CR5A7869-Edit CR5A7873-Edit copy

Shoot through here, mom! No, this one!

CR5A7877-Edit CR5A7880-Edit

But why does it say “subs” when it’s a bus? Why does it say that?

CR5A7881-Edit-2 CR5A7886

Catalina : 22:38 March 5, 2013
Wow. Talent runs in the family.

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