Simi ~ Austin Portrait Photographer

This is Simi, who once challenged me to pronounce her full name. I failed miserably. I also failed at some black and white conversions. Simi is about color. Last time I saw her, her hair had bright blue streaks. Or was it orange? It’s impossible to keep track, almost as impossible as it is for her to keep a straight face for long. She’s also about laughter; you’ll never meet a people person who’s more gregarious than she is. I’m blessed to have her for a friend.

Simi-May2014-004 Simi-May2014-010
Simi-May2014-024 Simi-May2014-025 Simi-May2014-028 Simi-May2014-029 Simi-May2014-038Simi-May2014-034
Simi-May2014-049 copySimi-May2014-086
Simi-May2014-056 copySimi-May2014-066-2 Simi-May2014-073 Simi-May2014-077 Simi-May2014-082Simi-May2014-084
Simi-May2014-113 Simi-May2014-115 Simi-May2014-120 Simi-May2014-118-2

11 thoughts on “Simi ~ Austin Portrait Photographer

  1. Thanks so much Mercedes! I am sooo blessed to call you my friend. Thanks for an amazing fun shoot!

  2. mercedes said:

    Thank YOU! It was nice to get to have fun with you for a model!

  3. I am in love with that first shot! Fierce woman, fierce images.

  4. I love all of these but that shoe image really got me smiling

  5. What a stunner! Her smile is breathtaking! And I just adore her hair. They’re all fabulous but the third from the bottom is my absolute favorite. I love her entire outfit and the setting!

  6. I love the ones where she is laughing! She rocks that green dress!

  7. Simi rocks! I love her style, all the color and your sundrenched images. Great job, Mercedes!

  8. She is so stunning. I love the ones where her face is half cut off. Also when she spins her hair! LOVE!

  9. i love her. i don’t even know her but want to know her. such great style. love the pics, mercedes. great work!

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