April 4, 2017

Sierra and Devin’s Intimate Chapel Dulcinea Wedding


An Intimate Chapel Dulcinea Wedding

Sierra and Devin are two people who I would say are very authentic, lovely people. They met over common interests while they both worked at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, a wonderful place well worth a visit if you’re ever in Austin. Their shared interest is a background and love for botany. What an awesome pleasure it has to be to get to work with your hands in the dirt and enjoy green and growing things? It has to help a person’s love and appreciation for the natural world God has made.

With a love and appreciation for all things green that grow, particularly for Central Texas flora, it is no surprise that Sierra’s bouquet, flower crown and Devin’s boutonniere were put together with the feel of Texas wildflowers. Kudos to their florist for succeeding in making that vision come to reality considering the wedding happened in winter! Sierra’s lace gown was just a perfect compliment to her: naturally simple and elegant.

They were joined by just their very closest family and friends. It was so, so emotional and sweet! Sierra’s friends were there to help her get ready. Everyone there held their rings and warmed them before the part when Sierra and Devin exchanged them—everyone was very present which is so lovely. Devin was overcome while he read his vows to his bride and the look on their faces as they’re announced husband and wife is precious. Their just-married moments immediately after the ceremony were also so sweetly joyful.

Their friends, Lindsey and Dave, brought a surprise that made the event even more touching. Lindsey played the cello for their ceremony and went a step beyond. For each guest—and the bride and groom, of course—they brought artwork that literally just came off one of their letterpresses. They had to be handled very carefully to make sure that the ink wouldn’t smudge. I love it! How awesome was it that they gifted me one of the extra?

It was an absolute pleasure to get to be there to witness their very intimate ceremony and celebration. They’re a wonderfully creative bunch and such a joy to be around. Lots of laughter. Not just smiles, but grins and genuine laughter. It was such an honor to get to capture it!

If you or someone you know and love are planning your own intimate wedding or elopement, it would be really wonderful to get to be there to capture it for you in real, lovely pictures. They may be very small guest lists but they’re just as big on emotion and more importantly, meaning. Capture that meaning. Get in touch.

Savannah Lauren : 17:20 April 5, 2017
Everything about this venue and the moments are perfect!
Jen Bradford : 20:34 April 5, 2017
I love the rustic feel of these photos! Beautiful wedding!
Simi : 21:38 April 5, 2017
These are gorgeous and just perfect! I get a feel for their connection and their community...so lovely!
Jessica Frey : 22:15 April 5, 2017
So many great photos, what a beautiful ceremony and their love is very evident in the photos! Way to go Mercedes!
Elise : 22:21 April 5, 2017
These are such beautiful images. What gets me though, every time, is the simple and sophisticated way you describe their relationship. The hands in the dirt and stuff... I can just see it. I love your writing!
EJ : 03:48 April 15, 2017
What a great choice for an Austin wedding photographer! I love your style of editing!
Alyssa : 03:52 April 15, 2017
what a lovely day. you are such a talented austin wedding photographer!
Idowed : 04:23 April 15, 2017
If I was an Austin wedding photographer this would be my dream location. I could shoot here everyday all day!
Lisa : 05:34 April 15, 2017
What a beautiful Austin venue! Couples like this are what make being a wedding photographer so amazing.
Aida : 07:51 April 15, 2017
This bride is stunning! You did such a great job capturing this wedding. You surely are one of the best wedding photographers in Austin!
Jess : 13:25 April 15, 2017
These are incredible! Must be wonderful to be an Austin wedding photographer with locations like these!
Sharee Davenport : 14:07 April 15, 2017
Wow, this is in Austin? What a dreamy location. You are such a talented wedding photographer
Rachel : 14:39 April 15, 2017
Your photos are so gorgeous!
kathryn : 17:06 April 15, 2017
Ahh I love her style and that quirkly little chapel is incredible! You are an incredible Austin wedding photographer!
Jasmine : 17:08 April 15, 2017
Holy moly, you make Austin look good. Love this wedding photography!
Madeline Kelly : 17:27 April 15, 2017
WOW! I love the composure of your photos and I am obsessed with the mirror that was in the bride's dressing room! Lovely images and the way you capture the color is just amazing.
Valerie : 17:47 April 15, 2017
Austin is so lucky to have you as a wedding photographer and this wedding was captured so beautifully!
sarah : 17:55 April 15, 2017
These are really gorgeous!!!! I wish I was closer to Austin you are a wonderful wedding photographer
Tiara : 18:01 April 15, 2017
Oh wow. My goodness. Everything about this chapel dulcinea wedding is just beautiful. I am in love with this gorgeous location. Austin is absolutely LUCKY to have such an amazing photographer like yourself. <3
DAVID GASS : 22:26 April 26, 2017
This wedding is stunning. I am so envious of your perspective. You did an amazing job at capturing their love.

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