July 3, 2012

Sarah & Evan


I owe a lot to Sarah and Evan.

Originally, their plan was for a very small wedding with immediate family in attendance. Plans changed quickly when Evan’s orders were moved up; no more family, just the two of them, a videographer, an officiant, Estate staff, pets and mois.

The beautiful Trois Estate, an unexpected gem within eye’s view of Enchanted Rock’s peak, was chosen because that’s where Evan proposed to Sarah. I think you’ll agree Sarah is amazingly gorgeous and, yes, those are real flowers in her hair.

Thanks, you two, for letting me be there.

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Trois Estate Photographer
You ought to know:

~Hostess Rebecca, owner of Trois Estate was so generous to Sarah and Evan and make sure they were more than comfortable and had all they needed during their ceremony and stay.
~Jay & Co of Fredricksburg, TX was responsible for making the gorgeous Sarah even more gorgeous by doing her hair and makeup.
~Blumenhandler Florist provided the posies.
~ Filming Austin shot video to make sure that their families didn’t have to miss a moment. Those guys are awesome to work with, by the way.
~ Scott Payne of The Knot Tyer composed and performed a song for them to start off their ceremony. He officiated the ceremony as well. Anyone who shares an e.e.cummings poem at a wedding is awesome in my book.

Edith : 21:49 July 3, 2012
Well done! Incredible photos (as always). I am glad you were able to truly capture the moment for them to share with their families.
Kristi Wright : 21:51 July 3, 2012
Love, love, love!! What a gorgeous, simple, intimate wedding. You did an amazing job.
Jim Warnock : 22:17 July 3, 2012
Nessa K : 22:55 July 3, 2012
You were the perfect photographer for this cute couple and their intimate ceremony. I love it!
stacey : 23:23 July 3, 2012
beautiful location and couple...their families will treasure these photos
matt shumate : 05:04 July 4, 2012
So much pretty! Beautifully captured! Also, I'm shaving my cat to look like a lion. :)
Kellee Walsh : 05:14 July 4, 2012
These are just perfect. I love the entire set so much. So sweet & intimate.
ayesha : 07:26 July 4, 2012
oh my goodness, how lovely! you set the scene so beautifully with the location and detail shots, and i LOVE the profile shot where her eyes are closed and he's looking at her. such a sweet moment! i'm sure they'll cherish these :)
John : 07:55 July 4, 2012
I'm loving the ceremony shots. So intimate and emotional. Great coverage.
Mary Sylvia : 08:33 July 4, 2012
Phew, you are knocking it out of the park! These are not only gorgeously captured but they could be in a magazine spread no worries. Also, someone should keep kids away from that cat ;)
Johanna : 11:35 July 4, 2012
My eyes are all teary. This is so beautiful!!
Sachin : 12:01 July 4, 2012
I love the portrait shots of the both of them .. her in his arms is a beautiful moment!
Dan : 12:10 July 4, 2012
Sarah's dress is AMAZING!
Taylor Roades : 13:41 July 4, 2012
OMG Mercedes these are beautiful you captured such an important day. Even though no family was there these two and their families will cherish them forever. amazing story telling.
ALMA // : 00:30 July 5, 2012
It is a bit illegal to be this good looking!! aweosme job as always!!
Simi : 10:02 July 5, 2012
Wow these are gorgeous Mercedes, what a blessing to be able to be a part of such an intimate wedding!
Kim : 18:16 July 5, 2012
Wow. I don't even know what to say. Just WOW. Love that house. Love that CAT! Love this couple. Love these photos.
Chelsey Somohano : 18:59 July 6, 2012
OMG. The colors. The couple. That dress shot. Those portraits. Incredible.
Julie Wilhite : 13:08 July 9, 2012
What an amazing location and I loved how you captured them together!!

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