October 22, 2014

Oscar and Sujata’s Laguna Gloria Proposal


Proposals: romantic, yes but one must be prepared with a good stash of tissues.

A good stash.

It was time to propose. Oscar enlisted the help of Sujata’s best friend. They lined the path to Laguna Gloria’s Temple of Love with slips of paper. On each paper was a different,¬†special text message that Sujata and Oscar sent each other over their time together. Oscar had also enlisted the help of her other girlfriends and they conspired to set up a girls’ weekend to see a few Austin sites that “happened” to include Sujata’s favorite Laguna Gloria. Sujata had no idea what what coming until she saw one note—it dawns on her what is happening—then another and another…and then saw Oscar at the end of the pathway.

The plan was perfect and perfectly executed.

Laguna Gloria Austin proposal of Oscar and SujataTemple of Love at Laguna Gloria where Oscar proposed to Sujata

Austin Proposal Photographer for Oscar and Sujata

Oscar-Sujata-Proposal-010 copyOscar and Sujata's Austin Wedding photographerAustin Wedding PhotographyLaguna Gloria Austin Proposal of Oscar and SujataOscar-Sujata-Proposal-023Oscar-Sujata-Proposal-026Oscar-Sujata-Proposal-031Oscar-Sujata-Proposal-032Oscar-Sujata-Proposal-033Oscar-Sujata-Proposal-036 copyOscar-Sujata-Proposal-044Oscar-Sujata-Proposal-045Oscar-Sujata-Proposal-042Oscar-Sujata-Proposal-052Oscar-Sujata-Proposal-054Oscar-Sujata-Proposal-057Oscar-Sujata-Proposal-058Oscar-Sujata-Proposal-062Oscar-Sujata-Proposal-072

So her amazing friends also brought her a favorite outfit so we could do an engagement session. Sweet!


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