May 25, 2017

Noah ~ Austin Senior Portraits


Noah’s Austin Senior Portrait Session at Downtown Austin

I loved this session so much because I love this guy so much. He’s ours and I can’t believe he’s a senior and graduating class of 2017.

Was it just yesterday we were hanging out at the park and we were playing on the slides? When he was playing drums with the tupperware and chopsticks? When he gave his first public concert at his fourth birthday party on our fireplace hearth? When he was putting holes in the knees of his pants playing Hotwheels?

Now he’s making music in the studio he paid for on his own and continues to teach himself how to work amazing things with sound. But it’s been even more gratifying, as his parents, to watch him grow in his own faith and walk in the Lord. God has blessed Noah¬†with a generous spirit and a heart to serve Him with his gifts. He’s an amazing person and we can’t wait to see where God will take him.

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I wanna say more, but it’s a bit on the tough side. I need tissues. Love you so much, Noah.



Rachael Hyde : 14:28 May 25, 2017
What KILLER hair!! I love the industrial look on these, Mercedes, especially this one at the top:
Katie B : 13:23 May 26, 2017
Loving the grunge and movement of these shots!
Amie Hazlett : 13:29 May 26, 2017
They grow up so fast! I love reading about how God has blessed our young people with generosity and talent. Thank you for sharing! Congratulations, Noah! Now go and do great things!
Suncana : 14:51 May 26, 2017
OMG I saw a sneak peak of this shoot on your Facebook page but wow- this is senior photography captured at its finest! I love that you include a picture form when he was little to show off his amazing passion :)
Simi : 00:07 May 27, 2017
Wooow these are great Mercedes! Congratulations to Noah on his graduation! These shots are perfect and who better to capture them, love this!
sarah : 01:46 May 27, 2017
You captured the personality of the senior so well, these portraits turned out lovely
Leah : 01:54 May 27, 2017
Love how edgy these are! Not your typical senior portraits!
Emily Moore : 13:30 May 27, 2017
That mural background is amazing! I love this session -- awesome work1
EJ : 13:46 May 27, 2017
Oh my gosh these are fantastic! I love the location see you used and how you portrayed him so well as himself!
Kerlyn Van Gelder : 14:34 May 27, 2017
Congratulations to him on graduating! What an exciting time. I loved the location you chose of this senior photos!
Taylor Jones : 15:46 May 27, 2017
Wow I love how grungy these are! And the whole set had great lighting!
Melissa Johnson : 15:47 May 27, 2017
I love the colorful backgrounds you used!! These photos are awesome!
Valerie : 16:05 May 27, 2017
All of the locations you picked are so perfect!
Morgan : 17:10 May 27, 2017
This are seriously SO good. I love the connection with the subject and the edgy, urban vibe. Killer work.
Jiyeon : 21:11 May 27, 2017
These are such amazing senior portraits! You killed it!
Hannah : 21:23 May 27, 2017
Congratulations Noah! You captured his personality wonderfully, loving the edgy, cool location!
Melissa : 23:03 May 27, 2017
Nice! These are so good! You captured this Austin senior photography shoot so well!
Melanie Gnauck : 05:54 May 28, 2017
I keep thinking WOW! Amazing photos Mercedes! It's a wonder seeing our babies grow into men. He's a blessed young man to have such a wonderful, kind and talented mother to nurture and inspire him to be the best he can be. Congratulations Noah on all your accomplishments!
mercedes : 02:13 May 29, 2017
Thank you so much, Melanie! It means a lot.
Tiara Wilson : 15:45 May 29, 2017
What an incredible senior portrait session. I love how each senior has their own personality and it shines through during their session. <3

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