March 17, 2017

Naila and Jamil


Jamil prepares for Naila to arrive

Photograph a proposal in Austin? I’m there. These are the kind of assignments that, forgive me, make my heart go pitter-pat. When Jamil emailed me about his idea to propose to his girlfriend—now fiancée—Naila, I couldn’t help but want to photograph it! His plan was to lead her in a scavenger hunt through favorite places in their hometown of Seattle followed by a plane trip to Austin. Why Austin? Naila spent a few years living here and collecting fond memories so it was a perfect place to propose.

Normally, I’d recommend a proposal later in the day however, Jamil’s plans didn’t just involve a scavenger hunt that spanned two states. Jamil not only arranged for both of them to fly to Austin separately but he also surprised Naila by flying in both of their closest friends and family. Seriously, how could she not say yes? Everyone they loved dearly in one place and then a meal together to celebrate afterwards. It was the sweetest gesture and I am seriously impressed. Aren’t you? Jamil put so much thought and heart into the whole thing.

After taking the time to enjoy everyone and celebrate their new fiancée/fiancé status, we got to take a little time and shoot a few engagement portraits. Of course we had to hit spots that they both loved and are iconic Austin. They’re the dearest couple and it was so sweet to get to spend time with them.

Naila makes her way to the last stop on the scavenger hunt - Austin proposal photographer

Jamil gets down on one knee - Austin proposal photographyJamil gets down on one knee to propose - Austin proposal photographers


Naila says yes to Jamil - Proposal photographers in Austin TX

Naila and Jamil - Zilker botanical garden portraits

Naila and Jamil suprised by family at their Zilker Botanical Garden proposal

Naila and Jamil suprised by family at their Zilker Botanical Garden proposal

Naila and Jamil's SoCo Austin engagement photo session - Austin engagement photographer

Naila and Jamil's SoCo Austin engagement photo session - Austin engagement photographer

Naila and Jamil's SoCo Austin holiday engagement photo session - Austin engagement photographers

Jamil and Naila's engagement session at Roadhouse Relics ~ Austin mural photos

Jamil and Naila's engagement session at Roadhouse Relics ~ Austin mural engagement photos

Jamil and Naila at the Austin postcard mural during their engagement session

Blue hour portraits for Naila and Jamil on Congress Avenue, Austin TX ~ Austin Wedding Photographers


Alissa : 17:07 March 17, 2017
What a sweet engagement session! They look so happy together!
Elyse : 17:26 March 17, 2017
Beautiful photos! I love engagement photos as they truly capture the moment! Great shots
Jennifer Outlaw : 19:22 March 17, 2017
Proposals are so fun! You did an amazing job capturing it. I loved the different locations you chose for the engagement session afterward are beautiful.
Sara Normand : 20:23 March 17, 2017
What a great idea! I love the show Amazing Race, so I would say yes at the end of this for sure!
Amy : 21:37 March 17, 2017
Oh look at her face when he got down on his knee. Amazing moments you've captured here.
Jennie Crate : 21:51 March 17, 2017
Their joy is just beautiful!
Dee H. : 22:00 March 17, 2017
That's so awesome! What a sweet guy! She's so happy, and these photos are lovely!
Haley Allen : 22:13 March 17, 2017
Ohhh my goodness these are beautiful! YOu captured their emotion so well! And what perfect backlighting you had for the proposal itself!! LOVE
Angie : 22:31 March 17, 2017
What a beautiful love story! How fun to capture this- nice job!
IDOWRD : 03:43 March 18, 2017
Love this. From the proposal pictures to the Austin post card picture. Beautiful work.
Meghan : 04:03 March 18, 2017
I love shooting proposals!! They are so much fun!!
kathryn : 04:16 March 18, 2017
aww i love her reaction! and then the high five! ha, they are too cute!
Sharee Davenport : 14:00 March 18, 2017
Congratulations on the engagement - this is so exciting. I love how genuinely happy they are and the couples portraits to follow are just perfect.
Alice L : 15:33 March 18, 2017
This is such a cute and creative proposal idea. Love the high five they are giving each other after he proposed.
Brittany Slaughter : 17:24 March 18, 2017
Oh wow! this sis the absolute sweetest! Love proposals and I love these locations!
Penelope Lamore : 15:11 March 20, 2017
How Special! I love the thread of red that you all kept throughout the day! It really seem to match their style and feeling of the day of being Vibrant and fun!
amber : 00:12 March 21, 2017
Oh I DO love a photographed proposal :) Great work capturing the special moment!
Katy Weaver : 19:13 March 22, 2017
These are so beautiful and the emotion in them is so tangible! What an amazing proposal!!
Albert Palmer : 11:35 March 23, 2017
Beautiful work Mercedes - I love her reaction and then the image of him hugging her. I bet they'll treasure these forever
joy : 16:01 March 25, 2017
The best photographer in Austin does it again!!! In awe of your ability to keep it honest and artful at the same time <3
mercedes : 16:38 March 25, 2017
That is the sweetest thing I've heard today! Thank you!!!
Briana Morrison : 23:34 March 30, 2017
Aww such sweet portraits!

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