August 4, 2015

Mary and Sam Are Engaged~Austin Wedding Photographer


They’re getting married so soon and their wedding will be at Rough Hollow Country Club in Lakeway, Texas. I can’t wait! Mary and Sam are the most gracious and kind people you could meet. They brought a picnic basket full of cupcakes to enjoy. And Sam brought his sense of humor—it didn’t take much for him to get Mary to laugh. There was seriously no dull moment with these two.

Mary and Sam at their Austin outdoor engagement session

Austin engagement photography session for Mary and Sam

Mary-Sam-Engaged-019 copy








Mary-Sam-Engaged-055 copy


Mary-Sam-Engaged-077 copyMary-Sam-Engaged-069

Johanna : 21:17 August 5, 2015
This whole session is beautiful! Love this moment: :)
Darren Gair : 08:11 August 7, 2015
Beautiful frames Mercedes, love how you have embraced the strong sunlight and how relaxed the couple are throughout. Lovely work
Isabelle : 09:57 August 8, 2015
Brian Kraft : 22:05 August 8, 2015
Lovely! Looks like a nice romantic time--documented wonderfully!
Anton Chia : 10:18 August 9, 2015
Beautiful session! Must be fun!
Adam Ward : 10:54 August 10, 2015
You've done such a great job with these, awesome work!
Alyssa Schroeder : 18:06 August 10, 2015
Super cute couple and just a lovely variety of portraits. So sweet.
James Fear : 19:56 August 10, 2015
MARY AND SAM - how cute! great set xx
Sarah : 22:22 August 10, 2015
These are stunning! I love the cupcakes too, so stinkin cute!
Justin R : 06:16 August 11, 2015
Amazing job on this one, Mercedes! Beautiful session!
Gavin Farrington : 03:15 August 12, 2015
That shot where she's covering her mouth laughing - love it!
Heather Kanillopoolos : 18:43 August 14, 2015
AHHHH that last shot is PERFECT!
Kim : 02:07 August 17, 2015
These are so sweet, Mercedes. Is that last shot a bokeh panorama? SO GOOD.
Susan Yee : 07:01 August 20, 2015
Love the tunnely shots. So cute!
Heather Elizabeth : 01:11 August 21, 2015
Your use of light in this session is perfection. Them with the cupcakes is soooo cute!
Jacqueline Elizabeth : 20:48 September 1, 2015
What a sweet session! Perfect light, I love all of it!
Darin : 03:53 September 14, 2015
Beautiful images. Lovely, warm, intimate portraits.

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