March 10, 2015

Maggie and Jason ~ Dunvegan Keep Austin Wedding


Detail from Maggie and Jason's Dunvegan Keep Wedding

I could easily subtitle this post “at last.”

The wedding of these two was something I was waiting for forEVAR. These guys where brave enough to let me take their photos and they are the first “strangers” who let me do that. And they didn’t stay strangers for very long at all. In fact, very shortly afterwards, we did another shoot for Maggie and her brother, then later we did some pictures just because, then big news came and I got to do engagement photos (so excited to do them!) and AT LAST…

Maggie and Jason's Duvegan Keep Wedding ~ Austin Wedding PhotographersMaggie gets ready for her Dunvegan Keep Wedding ~ Austin Intimate Wedding PhotographerMaggie's Wedding Dress ~ Dunvegan Keep ~ Hill Country Wedding PhotographersMore details from Maggie and Jason's Wedding at Dunvegan Keep in Austin ~ Texas Hill Country Wedding Photographer 01-details-prep-015
Mom and matron of honor help bride to get ready ~ Dunvegan Keep Wedding ~ Austin Wedding PhotographyCiera Chapel at Dunvegan Keep where the groom gets ready ~ South Austin Wedding PhotographyCeiling of the Ciera chapel at Dunvegan Keep ~ Austin Wedding Photography01-details-prep-003
Jason gets ready for his wedding to Maggie at Dunvegan Keep ~ Austin Wedding PhotographyJason and his best guys ~ Dunvegan Keep Wedding ~ Austin Wedding Photography Maggie and her wedding party at her Dunvegan Keep wedding ~ Austin Wedding Photography 02-ceremony-portraits-079 02-ceremony-portraits-088 02-ceremony-portraits-097 02-ceremony-portraits-100 02-ceremony-portraits-105 02-ceremony-portraits-110 02-ceremony-portraits-113 02-ceremony-portraits-117 02-ceremony-portraits-122 02-ceremony-portraits-126 02-ceremony-portraits-134 02-ceremony-portraits-147 02-ceremony-portraits-152 02-ceremony-portraits-161 02-ceremony-portraits-162 02-ceremony-portraits-168 02-ceremony-portraits-187 02-ceremony-portraits-189 02-ceremony-portraits-19602-ceremony-portraits-200 02-ceremony-portraits-214 02-ceremony-portraits-221 02-ceremony-portraits-22402-ceremony-portraits-228 copy 02-ceremony-portraits-235 02-ceremony-portraits-236 02-ceremony-portraits-238 02-ceremony-portraits-248 02-ceremony-portraits-325 02-ceremony-portraits-336 02-ceremony-portraits-339 02-ceremony-portraits-340 02-ceremony-portraits-346 02-ceremony-portraits-351 02-ceremony-portraits-377 copy02-ceremony-portraits-356
02-ceremony-portraits-366 02-ceremony-portraits-374 02-ceremony-portraits-387 02-ceremony-portraits-388 03-reception-010 03-reception-013 01-details-prep-06701-details-prep-07101-details-prep-077 copy

01-details-prep-089 copy03-reception-061
03-reception-080 03-reception-081 03-reception-082 03-reception-088
03-reception-095 03-reception-098 03-reception-102 03-reception-108 03-reception-113 03-reception-11803-reception-050

03-reception-124 03-reception-131 03-reception-141
03-reception-155 03-reception-161 03-reception-165 03-reception-170 03-reception-174 03-reception-176 03-reception-178 03-reception-185 03-reception-187 03-reception-201 03-reception-203 03-reception-209 03-reception-215 03-reception-220 03-reception-224 03-reception-229 03-reception-235 03-reception-240 03-reception-248 03-reception-167 copy03-reception-256 03-reception-259 03-reception-271 03-theend

And you know what? I’ll FINALLY be sharing some photos from their maternity session.

I will always have a soft spot for anything Maggie & Jason. <3

Acknowledgements to these amazing people who were a big, important part of this super happy fun wedding:

– To the staff of Blizzard, the folks who brought us W.O.W.: thank you! It’s nice to be able to talk to a bride and groom, say words like “tank” be understood.
– The lovely venue: Dunvegan Keep.
– Wedding coordinator who lives up to their name: Carefree Weddings
– Beautiful flowers: The Flower Studio
– Hair and makeup: Blast Blow-dry
– Officiant: Loran Harper
– Caterer: Good, Better…BEST
– Cake artist: Queen B Cakes
– DJ: Strat Kat DJ

Jessica : 20:23 March 10, 2015
This looks like such a romantic wedding! I love it!
Arica : 22:37 March 10, 2015
You really did this day justice with your artful images! From start to finish, I felt that I was there. Absolutely beautiful work!
Alex : 00:21 March 11, 2015
What a beautiful wedding! And that location? Gorgeous! Lovely images, Mercedes!
Kathryn : 17:29 March 11, 2015
These are just beautiful. Some of them have an almost ethereal quality. Great work!
Gwen Workman : 22:47 March 11, 2015
Ok... the girl in me is like EEEK... loving all the dresses!!! And the photographer in me is like.. WOW.... well done!!! They are going to be so happy with these images...
Aaron : 09:41 March 12, 2015
It's not just because you documented with so much variety, or that you shot the details with such precision... It's because you've captures those wonderful 'one-off' moments of love. I bet your couple think you're the bees-knees! Amazing work!
Albert Palmer : 15:13 March 12, 2015
So much love and happiness right here. Particularly like your processing on these Mercedes
Chasity Noel - Savvy Images : 17:01 March 12, 2015
Gorgeous wedding photos and couple! You did a wonderful job capturing their day!
bryan : 02:18 March 13, 2015
absolutely beautiful. killer.
Nick Evans : 05:06 March 13, 2015
Beautiful work Mercedes - I love the way you capture some killer moments!
Jason : 08:59 March 16, 2015
I've got a soft spot for Maggie & Jason now, that was awesome. What a beaut venue - congrats guys!
Rahul Khona : 11:59 March 16, 2015 totally nailed all the emotions! Amazing work from top to bottom.
Jessica Schilling : 23:14 March 17, 2015
So great! So many sweet moments and vibrant colors!
Paolo : 13:07 March 18, 2015
Love the emotions you've captured here. The variety is impressive. Well done
Sachin Khona : 20:06 March 23, 2015
Absolutely stunning!
Simi : 23:17 April 6, 2015
Gorgeous work!

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