May 19, 2017

Kristyn’ Bridals ~ Austin Bridal Photographer


Kristyn’s Austin bridal photographer session at Austin’s Vintage Villas

The bridal portraits are certainly a southern US tradition but, in my humble opinion, it’s a lovely tradition that can stand to be adopted elsewhere!

Kristyn’s mom, Karon, got in touch with me to do her bridal portrait session at the last minute. It was so fortunate that I was available and got the chance to meet them. The portraits were photographed at Austin’s Vintage Villas where the wedding would be taking place. It’s not hard to see that Kristyn has a sweet and engaging personality and a ready laugh! Let’s have a look, shall we?

Kristen's Bridal Session at Austin's Vintage Villas ~ Austin Bridal Photographer Mercedes Morgan Photography Bridal details ~ Kristyn's bridal portraits ~ Austin Vintage Villa Wedding Photographer Bridal portrait session at Austin Vintage Villas ~ Austin Wedding Photographer Bridal portrait session for Kristyn at Austin Vintage Villas ~ Austin Bridal Photographer Mercedes Morgan Photography More of Kristyn's lovely bridal dress details ~ Austin Bridal Photographers More of Kristyn's lovely bridal dress details ~ Austin Bridal Portrait Photographers Bridal portraits for Kristyn at and archway in Vintage Villas ~ Austin Vintage Villas Wedding Bridal portraits for Kristyn in Vintage Villas ~ Lakeway Texas Vintage Villas Wedding Glamorous Kristyn's bridal portraits at Vintage Villas in Austin Texas
Why do a bridal session? Just a few thoughts on bridals from an admitted fan:

Bridals means more gorgeous photos of you in your dress.
Enough said, right? Who wouldn’t love a few more to pick from? A wedding day can offer only so much time for portraits that you could get from a dedicated session. Think of how fun it would be to have the luxury to do a dream photo session in your gown? And as a photographer—one who clearly enjoys this sort of thing—I get to play with poses to see what works and also learn from your mom how to get you comfortable and be yourself. By the way, thanks mom!

You get to wear the dress more than once.
True! How fun is it to get to put it on and get the warm fuzzies in anticipation of your Best Day Ever? If you do the session around six weeks before, you’ll have a chance to check for any last-minute adjustments and alterations that might be needed. Doing a bridal session means you get to do more than stand there for the seamstress to pin the dress. You move in the dress, sit in it, spin in it, and get to have a real good feel for where things may need any changes.

Hair and makeup test run opportunity.
Like getting to wear the dress more often, it’s kinda fun to get all made up, don’t you think? It’s great way to get to check and make sure your hair and make up artists are on the same page as you and request any changes if needed. By the way? I’ve got names of some hair and make up artists that I love to recommend because they’re just amazing.

Just a few thoughts but maybe you have ideas of your own to share? I’d love to hear about them. If you’ve decided on a bridal session of your own, let’s make it happen! 

Glamorous Kristyn's Austin bridal portrait photography session



Paige : 23:28 May 19, 2017
What a stunning bride!
Melissa : 01:17 May 20, 2017
That dress is so sexy but classic! You captured her beautifully and I agree, that is one southern tradition we could apply everywhere!
Mira : 02:38 May 20, 2017
Lovely!! Totally beautiful shots.
Rebecca : 02:49 May 20, 2017
These bridals are SO PRETTY!
Kat : 04:48 May 20, 2017
I am loving her dress! You captured her perfectly
fatima : 05:17 May 20, 2017
So dreamy!!
Emily : 06:06 May 20, 2017
These are so stunning!
Marina : 06:32 May 20, 2017
She looks stunning. I LOVE this classy dress!
Hannah : 12:59 May 20, 2017
SUCH a stunning, happy bride! You captured her beautifully :)
Sarah Hendee : 14:27 May 20, 2017
These are amazing!! Stunning
Jessica : 17:09 May 20, 2017
She's is gorgeous! These are so beautiful.
Hannah : 01:07 May 21, 2017
These are stunning! Love the archway photos!
Nicole : 02:12 May 21, 2017
You captured her so beautiful!! A stunning bride!
Sheryl Bjorn : 04:31 May 22, 2017
These are so classy and beautiful! Great job and great location.

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