October 5, 2011

Kimberly & Family ~ Operation Love Reunited Photographer


Daddy’s in the Navy…but the dress is a dead giveaway, right? I know I’m dorky but I get a little *squee* when I see a smile, a little baby chub and bright blue eyes. ‘Scuse me, please, I’ll be quiet and let you look.

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Lyn Ismael-Bennett : 01:17 October 6, 2011
Aaaawwww, she's adorable! Love that last shot!
Fiona Lumsdaine : 03:22 October 6, 2011
What a cutie-pie!
Kyle : 06:25 October 6, 2011
Awww, this shoot is just precious!
Darin Collison : 10:31 October 6, 2011
The shiny eyed happiness of the first shot just warmed my cold dark heart. Gorgeous cherubic wonder. Love it.
ed peers : 11:27 October 6, 2011
Beautiful... so nicely done.
Thomas Lester : 15:30 October 6, 2011
What a cutie!
Avelaine Scyrup : 15:37 October 6, 2011
So sweet and beautiful! Hope they are all re-united very soon =)
AdonyeJaja : 23:23 October 6, 2011
love love love it, this baby so cute. well captured!
Leah Kua : 00:47 October 11, 2011
These are just exceptional. Exceptionally beautiful, exceptionally cute, exceptionally special. What a beautiful gift for daddy :)

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