February 28, 2015

Kelsi’s Bridals at Lone Oak Barn ~ Lone Oak Barn Wedding


Hello, lovelies! I want to introduce you to one gorgeous, sweet laid-back bride. I absolutely adore her dress so it was fun to get to do a session to showcase it, her classical beauty and her radiant personality.

Kelsi's dress and shoes at her Lone Oak Barn bridal session

This one, I love: Beautiful bride Kelsi at her Lone Oak Barn Round Rock Texas wedding venue

bridal session at Lone Oak Barn wedding Round Rock Texas for Kelsi

a bride at Round Rock Texas Lone Oak Barn wedding venue

Lone Oak Barn wedding photos

Austin wedding photographer Mercedes Morgan Photography bridal session at Lone Oak Barn

Kelsi-Bridals-062 copyKelsi bride at Lone Oak Barn wedding venue by Austin Wedding photographer Mercedes Morgan Photograph

Congratulations, Kelsi! You are one gorgeous bride 🙂

bryan : 04:27 March 5, 2015
beautiful tones. And I love that dress!
Gavin Farrington : 04:52 March 5, 2015
Beautiful bride. You can tell her wedding is going to be stunning.
Alex : 15:34 March 5, 2015
Simply stunning! She looks amazing and so happy! Beautiful photos!
Jessica : 15:35 March 5, 2015
I love these bridal portraits!! They're so gorgeous!! :)
Rima : 16:42 March 5, 2015
beautiful soft light, gorgeous colours
Ray : 20:00 March 5, 2015
Looooooooove the last shot. So good!
Adonye Jaja : 20:08 March 5, 2015
beautiful! love that black and white!
Chasity Noel - Savvy Images : 22:58 March 5, 2015
Beautiful bride, dress and bridal photos!
Melissa : 23:43 March 5, 2015
Beautiful! She looks gorgeous, and that dress is stunning!
Aimee : 01:02 March 6, 2015
These are stunning bridal portraits! The bride looks so stunning! Love these.
Chantal : 02:10 March 6, 2015
What an amazing wedding and we shoes re incredible. Perfect wedding photography!
Edward Maurer : 04:43 March 6, 2015
That first image of her is so engaging. Well done.
damian burcher : 12:41 March 6, 2015
Great shots with the window light.
Veronica Varos : 12:43 March 6, 2015
STUNNING! Easily one of my favorite sets of yours! You truly captured her beauty!
Anton Chia : 12:45 March 6, 2015
Great mood to the photos!
Heather Kanillopoolos : 21:26 March 7, 2015
WOW- she is so gorgeous and that dress.... amazing!! Wonderful work, these images are beautiful!
Aaron : 11:43 March 9, 2015
Yup! She's gorgeous! You guys have the best light over there, but of course you documented with precision (as always).
Teresa K : 18:47 March 21, 2015
She is so beautiful!! What a wonderful set of bridals.

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