August 4, 2016

Katie’s Addison Grove Bridals ~ Austin Wedding Photographer


They’re married so we get to share Katie’s Addison Grove bridals with you!

We went back and forth trying to find a spot that would work just perfectly for the session. Soon to open, The Addison Grove proved that very perfect location. The lovely outdoors and the bridal suite with lots of light fit the bill. And really, pretty indoors with air-conditioning is life-preserving on a Texas June afternoon! Just want to be honest about it.

Katie was kindly accompanied by her mom who was such a big help, not to mention encouragement. It was awfully nice to get to meet her in advance of the wedding, too. Katie was very patient with me and the weather but it didn’t take much at all for her to look beautiful. I mean, you know what I mean. Classically beautiful.

Katie's Bridals at Addison Grove ~ Austin Wedding PhotographerGenuinely sweet and beautiful, inside and out.

Katie's Addison Grove Bridals ~ Austin Wedding PhotographerKatie's Addison Grove Bridals ~ Austin Creative Wedding photographer

This rock wall at Addison Grove is so pretty. It and the trees around it as such a joy to use for a photo shoot.

Katie's bridal session at The Addison Grove ~ Austin Creative Wedding Photographer

As I mentioned, Katie was super patient with me. But working with a vintage, manual focus lens was worth it, I think.

Katie's Addison Grove Bridals ~ Addison Grove Wedding Photography

Katie's Addison Grove Bridal session ~ Addison Grove Wedding PhotographsKatie's Addison Grove Bridal session ~ Austin Wedding photographers Katie's Addison Grove Bridals ~ Austin Wedding Photography Katie's Bridal Session at The Addison Grove ~ Austin Wedding Photography

I’m not certain, but I think this grouping of oaks is the reason for the venue’s name. The shady canopy was perfect.

Just like Katie is.

Katie's Addison Grove Bridals_0091


Jessica Schilling : 15:28 August 5, 2016
These are gorgeous! I love the outdoor natural ones, but the settee and light indoors are beautiful too!
Kring Fernando : 21:00 August 11, 2016
I love your color and tone. You composition and the expression from the bride is gorgeous. I love Every image! So beautiful!
Albert Palmer : 15:35 August 12, 2016
Beautiful! These Addison Grove bridal images are stunning. I love your outdoor processing. Just perfect.
Jasmine : 21:39 August 16, 2016
Wow. She is mad stunning, and the light in these is just perfection!
Deborah (Figgie) : 13:48 August 17, 2016
These are so stunning!
Marcela Pulido : 19:02 August 22, 2016
So stunning!

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