March 21, 2014

Kathleen and Angel


These guys! I was waiting until we were a month out before I shared their Austin engagement session with you. We’re close. Can’t wait! They are *the* nicest people.

They were engaged at Big Bend; this is the second couple we get to work with who were engaged there. Is it the water? Is it the rocks? Something about that place…or something.

Baxter, dog-model-in-training, joined us for the shoot. Hey Baxter? I’m still hoping they change their mind and assign you a ring bearer position in the wedding. And guys? Thanks for being so awesome.

Now look at these and sigh happy sighs.

Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-1Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-17 Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-23 Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-27 Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-33 copy Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-38 copy Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-48 copy Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-52 Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-57 Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-60 Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-62 copy Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-68 Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-70 Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-72 Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-75 Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-79 Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-82 Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-87 copy Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-91 copy Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-95 Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-98 Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-102 Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-104 Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-106 copyKathleen-Angel-Engaged-119 Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-120 Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-122Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-128 Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-130Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-139Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-141Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-149Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-137Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-152 copy Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-166 Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-169 Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-177 Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-210Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-181Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-183Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-186Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-187Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-188Kathleen-Angel-Engaged-192


simi : 03:39 March 21, 2014
Gorgeous, gorgeous!!! great shots, really like them a lot!
damian burcher : 07:38 March 21, 2014
Super cute, super light, super photographs, like the one of shooting as if from the POV of the dog.
Steve Koo : 17:04 March 21, 2014
I love how they incorporated their pup! I love the third frame from the bottom, too.
Sarah : 19:11 March 21, 2014
What an insanely good looking couple and photos to match. I love how you captured their playful moments.
Paul Fuller : 23:21 March 21, 2014
Love the black and white shot at the top, great job Mercedes
paul keppel : 23:54 March 21, 2014
love the one shooting over the dogs ears lol
Caryn Canatella : 05:01 March 22, 2014
Wow, every single one of these is beautiful and adorable at the same time!! And that PUP! <3 <3 <3
Mario Colli : 08:53 March 22, 2014
This is super cute. I love when you have a chance to photograph couple like them :) Such a great energy. Great job
Sachin : 23:18 March 22, 2014
Killer. Love the framing with the dogs ears! Too good! ha!
Adam Ward : 11:45 March 24, 2014
Awesome shoot!! Some really clever and beautiful shots.
Scott Wilson : 13:35 March 24, 2014
Nice work to the corgi on the photobomb and a cool set of images throughout.
heather nan : 15:53 March 24, 2014
They are darling! What a great a fun job you did at capturing their love. Well done.
Kat Forsyth : 18:25 March 24, 2014
Baxter is the cutest guy ever! They'd better make him ringbearer! :-) The one with just his ears in the foreground is cracking me up!
Holly C : 18:25 March 26, 2014
These are so fun and cute! LOVE the dog shots, love the high five by the save the date, how fun!
Lyndsey : 21:05 April 7, 2014
Oh goodness gracious sakes alive! I LOVE this! Amazing photography, beautiful couple and the cute cute corgi!
Kathleen and Angel's Chateau on the Creek Wedding - Austin Wedding Photographers ~ Mercedes Morgan PhotographyAustin Wedding Photographers ~ Mercedes Morgan Photography : 03:29 June 4, 2016
[…] years before. Considering how much fun it was to photograph Kathleen and Angel’s engagement session, you can see why I felt this way. It was so awesome to get to work with more amazing […]

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