June 17, 2013

Kaitlyn ~ Austin Senior Photographer


I love this girl! I can’t believe it’s been a few years already since I shot her quinceñera portraits. It’s been that long, yikes! Her mom and dad got a cute classic VW bug fixed up for her graduation present so it had to make it into the shoot. This girl’s self-motivated and just sweet inside and out. With the goal of a nursing degree, you know that she’s a very giving person as well. A&M Corpus, look out! Knock ’em dead when you get there, Kaitlyn!

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Simi : 07:18 June 18, 2013
Lovely work here Mercedes! She is absolutely gorgeous, sure she will love these.
Albert Palmer : 10:30 June 18, 2013
Love that pink VW - these are beautiful Mercedes - really enjoying seeing your work recently
Nicola Thompson : 11:17 June 18, 2013
Nice work! We dont do this in the UK what a shame as it makes for beautiful portraits x
Natalie : 12:45 June 18, 2013
From the very first image all the way to the end... wow! Gorgeous portraits!
rahul : 14:11 June 18, 2013
Love these!!! The images with the Beetle are my favourite!
small : 16:41 June 18, 2013
What a pretty girl! Great portraits. And... that is my dream car!
ali walker : 17:42 June 18, 2013
What wonderful variety. Love those car shots. These images will totally stand the test of time. Well done.
Shyann : 17:52 June 18, 2013
What a great senior session! My favorite is the color one of her laying in the grass!
amanda : 18:58 June 18, 2013
LOVE all the color and texture. What a gorgeous girl!
Mary Sylvia : 11:50 June 19, 2013
These are the coolest senior photos ever. Makes me wish I had them when I was in school!
Sachin Khona : 17:33 June 19, 2013
She is absolutely gorgeous. Love these portraits Mercedes!
Derek : 19:18 June 19, 2013
Such a fun and pretty session! Beautiful work Mercedes!
Bec : 04:23 June 21, 2013
Gorgeous session Mercedes. Love her sense of style and she is beautiful! Love them all.

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