Josh R ~ Austin Senior Portrait Photographer

An Itty Bitty Mini Session works perfectly when your schedule is tight

We were very fortunate that we had great friends refer us for Josh’s Austin senior portrait session. It’s such an honor to be friends’ photographer and find they’re happy and our name gets shared. That’s how we get the lion’s share of our work, and we love it.

Josh’s mom, Pam, saw the senior session we did for Vicky (super fun session so you should go and see) and decided to get in touch. It’s super hard to tell, but Josh isn’t the kind who is very comfortable in front of the camera. Not to mention, we had to fit the session between school, mom’s work schedule and Josh’s work schedule. Even though our time slot wasn’t that long, we got some pretty awesome images of him and want to share our favorites:

Josh R's Creative Austin Senior Portraits Austin creative senior portrait photographer for Josh R Josh R Austin senior mini session photographer ~ Austin creative portrait photographer Mercedes Morgan Photography Austin Senior Portraits for Josh R ~ Austin Senior Portrait Photographer Creative Austin Senior Portrait Photography by Mercedes Morgan Photography for Josh R.

Sometimes it’s just difficult to schedule a photography session because of a busy schedule. Our lives can be full of to-dos, events and, well, stuff that needs our attention. And usually NOW, am I right? It’s really important to us not only to draw out someone’s personality in their portraits but also be sensitive to our clients’ needs. So we try to make it really easy to fit in a session. Give us 20 minutes and we’ll get you real, lovely pictures of you!

Get in touch to schedule your Itty Bitty Mini Session. It’ll be fun!








15 thoughts on “Josh R ~ Austin Senior Portrait Photographer

  1. Emilyanne said:

    This is the perfect option for someone on a tight schedule! You are great at getting creative with your time during an itty bitty portrait session! {p.s. I LOVE Austin so much!}

  2. Sarah said:

    Wow you are so creative with posing and your use of light! These portraits are lovely! You are a great photographer

  3. Wow! 20 minutes definitely sounds doable for any schedule!

  4. Melissa Johnson said:

    These minis are such a great idea when your life is busy but you still want great photos! It’s a good thing the city of Austin has you as a creative portrait photographer!

  5. What creative portraits! Love the spots you chose around Austin. That wall is way cool.

  6. Jude said:

    I like mini sessions for schedule purposes, as well! You’re a great creative portrait photographer! Austin is lucky to have you.

  7. Emily said:

    I love the colors in this mini session!! Great use of light make for gorgeous senior photos in Austin!

  8. What a great senior session. Great location in Austin.

  9. EJ said:

    These are very creative portraits, I love how you used the Austin backdrop!

  10. absolutely love your shooting style! this is a great gift idea

  11. Love these -seriously cool.
    Absolutely amazing Austin creative portrait photography

  12. I love this idea because heavens knows I am too busy and I put hiring a photographer off because I am worried it will take too much time! You’re incredibly talented and the light in these photos is perfection.

  13. Janessa Valentine said:

    Such great photos in such a short time! Austin,TX is lucky to have you as a senior photographer!

  14. ali said:

    What a handsome guy! Looks like you had a fun session. Gorgeous light as well.

  15. Wow! Great job with 20 minutes. Sometimes you have to turn on ninja mode and work fast. And Austin is gorgeous. Great pics

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