July 11, 2014

Jenna and Steven’s Spring, Texas Wedding


Seriously, it’s the tiny weddings that I love.

“So glad you can drive down for this!” Jenna told me. I’m so glad she asked me to. Spring is just one of the prettiest places I’ve seen around south Texas. The pine trees that line the roads are tall and mimic skyscrapers that you would see elsewhere.

Theirs was a sweet time spent with lots of family.

Jenna and Steven wedding-009 Jenna and Steven wedding-005 Jenna and Steven wedding-013 Jenna and Steven wedding-015 Jenna and Steven wedding-018 Jenna and Steven wedding-023 Jenna and Steven wedding-024 copy Jenna and Steven wedding-066
Jenna and Steven wedding-180Jenna and Steven wedding-169 copy

Jenna and Steven wedding-184

Jenna and Steven wedding-199
Jenna and Steven wedding-206 Jenna and Steven wedding-240 Jenna and Steven wedding-246 Jenna and Steven wedding-264 Jenna and Steven wedding-271
Jenna and Steven wedding-281
Jenna and Steven wedding-285


Sarah : 19:29 July 11, 2014
There is such a sweetness to these, I love them.
Joe : 21:42 July 11, 2014
Your couples portraits look great!
Kim : 05:38 July 12, 2014
These photos are so tender and beautiful, they belong in a fairy tale! And that photo where they're walking, and she's looking at him? So much love, you can just feel it.
Jessica Schilling : 19:08 July 12, 2014
So beautiful and sweet, and I love, love, love her dress!
Caryn Canatella : 22:35 July 12, 2014
So beautiful and SO MUCH LOVE in these!
Jimmy : 15:23 July 13, 2014
Beautiful set of images and I love how you've edited them! Great work!
Christian Lee : 03:18 July 14, 2014
Wow, amazing job, Mercedes. Every photo in here is great, but that last frame in front of the temple is absolutely amazing....I'm not sure what kind of perspective correction voodoo you used, but it's fantastic.
small : 15:35 July 14, 2014
I love small weddings and I LOVE her dress! Great work!
Justin R : 07:22 July 15, 2014
The bride portraits are fantastic!

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