May 12, 2014

Jenna and Steven ~ Pre-wedding Session ~ Austin Wedding Photographer


Pre-Wedding Portraits at UT Austin

So fun: first time to get to do a pre-wedding session for Jenna and Steven. The light and the location was just gorgeous. So were they. They wanted to be able to have time alone before the big day. Isn’t that the sweetest? They had a nice bit of time to do a first look, too. Great portraits were a priority for them both so it was wonderful that they took the time for them.

Jenna-Steven-Prewedding-003 Jenna-Steven-Prewedding-004 Jenna-Steven-Prewedding-007 Jenna-Steven-Prewedding-009 Jenna-Steven-Prewedding-010 Jenna-Steven-Prewedding-012 Jenna-Steven-Prewedding-017 Jenna-Steven-Prewedding-023 Jenna-Steven-Prewedding-024 Jenna-Steven-Prewedding-025 copy Jenna-Steven-Prewedding-031 copy Jenna-Steven-Prewedding-039 Jenna-Steven-Prewedding-040 copy Jenna-Steven-Prewedding-053 Jenna-Steven-Prewedding-058 Jenna-Steven-Prewedding-065 Jenna-Steven-Prewedding-072 copy   Jenna-Steven-Prewedding-100 Jenna-Steven-Prewedding-111 Jenna-Steven-Prewedding-115 Jenna-Steven-Prewedding-103




milsztof : 10:17 May 21, 2014
Absolutely gorgeous shots, great light and beautiful couple.
Julianne : 17:59 May 21, 2014
I love these so much! I love that they did a first look and everything! The portraits are beautiful, such a lovely set of photos!
Sam : 18:38 May 21, 2014
Holy moly, this session looked so good. So so so very lovely.
Adonye Jaja : 19:23 May 21, 2014
really beautiful collection!
Danny : 20:02 May 21, 2014
These are really great what a wonderful session.
Jessie : 20:42 May 21, 2014
I love that they both took these pictures before their wedding and took advantage of beautiful light and time. Love that moment when he first saw her!
Lyn Ismael-Bennett : 20:48 May 21, 2014
The last three frames are superb. Well done!
caroline : 03:01 May 22, 2014
this one, just wow.
Jon : 09:01 May 22, 2014
wonderful collection of portraits
Yolandé Marx : 09:37 May 22, 2014
Stunning! Stunning! The bride has such a quiet and calm beauty. I love her hair and her dress. Super super classy! Lovely work!
Darren Gair : 14:56 May 22, 2014
beautiful work, some stunning portraits
Becca Dilley : 15:28 May 22, 2014
I see such a geometry that unites these images, nice use of the space and compositions to bring an order to things!
Steve Koo : 21:53 May 22, 2014
Love the silhouette at the end. Great stuff Mercedes!
Alyssa Schroeder : 01:30 May 23, 2014
These are amazing. I love the cityscape in the background one and silhouette. They look so happy!

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