April 25, 2016

J and A’s Intimate Austin Wedding


It was the dearest, sweetest, most Austin intimate wedding I’ve been allowed to witness.

J and A were all set to be married at Chapel Dulcinea but as their date drew near, so did the threat of torrential rain. This is Texas: I am not using the word torrential lightly, folks. Of course I was open to still shooting—rain can make for fun photos—but J was going for a different, let’s-stay-dry vibe. So two days before their wedding day, they secured a reservation at a really sweet condo in East Austin with a perfect little protected patio. Perfect, perfect!

As J said, these things happen for a good reason. And in their case, it was a great reason. And wouldn’t you know it? On the day of their wedding, the threats of rain were gone and the sun was shining. The ceremony site was so pretty: so many trees filtered out the sun and the weather couldn’t be more perfect.

J’s dad flew in from New York to be there for her and was tasked with putting the bouquet together. One of her good friends from New York had flowers sent for her so she had pretty posies to carry. Even though traffic delayed them, J’s best friend made it just in time for the ceremony to start. Everything was simply perfect.

They were both so sweet and sentimental sharing their vows—heartstrings were tugged, hard. Of course, J cried. Random fun fact: A has a thing for cowboy hats.¬†Their faces after being pronounced married: perfect.


A examines the patio where their Austin intimate wedding will take place.J's dad preps the flowers for her bouquet J just before their intimate wedding ceremony ~ Austin elopement photographer A tries on a cowboy hat just before he sees J for their first look ~ Austin intimate weddings photographer
J and A see each other just before their Austin intimate wedding ceremony J and A's first look ~ Austin elopement photography J and A just before their wedding ~ Austin elopement photographers J and A couldn't be more excited to get married ~ Austin elopement photographer J and A couldn't be more excited to get married ~ Austin intimate weddings photographer A and J, groom and bride ~ Austin intimate wedding photographer A, the moment before J steps out onto the patio ~ Austin Intimate Wedding photographer J and A's Austin intimate wedding ~ emotional moment as they begin the ceremony J's dad records the ceremony ~ Austin elopement photographers Sweet moment as J reads her vows to A during their Austin elopement J's vows during their Austin intimate wedding ceremony A reads his vows ~ Austin wedding photojournalist J's reaction to A's vows ~ Austin wedding photojournalists J and A exchange rings during their Austin elopement J and A's first kiss ~ Austin wedding photojounalism J and A reactions after they're pronounced married ~ wedding photojournalists in Austin J and A reactions after they're pronounced married ~ intimate wedding photographers Austin
J, A and witnesses to the intimate Austin wedding J and her best friend | J and her dad | Austin elopement wedding photographer Portraits of J and A | Austin elopement wedding photographer Portraits of J and A | Austin elopement wedding photographers Jamie-Amin-Wed-076 Jamie-Amin-Wed-077 Jamie-Amin-Wed-059 copyJamie-Amin-Wed-058Jamie-Amin-Wed-079 copy Jamie-Amin-Wed-082 copy Jamie-Amin-Wed-084 Jamie-Amin-Wed-086 copy Jamie-Amin-Wed-096 copy Jamie-Amin-Wed-107 copyJamie-Amin-Wed-099 copy Jamie-Amin-Wed-102

Spike Gillespie officiated their wedding and was so accommodating when it came to all the last-minute location change. J’s gorgeous flower crown of ranunculus, roses and daisies was crafted by Verbena Floral. And if any of you want to have your intimate Austin wedding on this patio, let me know, please.


Christy : 16:46 April 26, 2016
These are gorgeous and oh so sweet! It looks like such an intimate wedding, which are the best!
Donny : 13:18 April 27, 2016
Just love these... Beautifully done!
Michael and Carina : 23:04 May 3, 2016
This is one of the most authentic, loveliest little weddings I have seen in a long time.
Christina : 13:53 May 6, 2016
This wedding looks like it was beautiful! I am digging the bride's dress, and you captured their love perfectly!
Lisa : 20:21 May 6, 2016
Gorgeous, I love them all <3
Teo : 18:56 May 13, 2016
OMG! I love the details and the raw emotions I see in the pictures! :D
Ashley Benham : 16:48 May 18, 2016
Seriously love the simplicity of this wedding and the images are gorgeous!
Jentry Dryden : 17:31 May 18, 2016
So beautiful and authentic. Gorgeous work documenting this lovely intimate Austin wedding!
Cassie : 19:50 May 18, 2016
WOW these are so gorgeous! I love the authenticity of your work, so beautiful!
A Hagood : 21:24 May 18, 2016
Oh em geeeeee. I love this! Your photos are gorgeous, Mercedes!
Erika Ryan : 18:36 May 28, 2016
oh my goshhhh these are perfect. So gorgeous and simple, I love it!

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