February 12, 2013

It’s the little things

My Family

It’s been too long since I’ve added a really personal post here on the blog so it’s time to rectify that.

Those “every days” need to be documented, too. They really and truly don’t last long and the sentimental in me wants to grab hold of them and keep them forever…que “if I could put time in a bottle…” Ever see that on the Muppet Show? Digression and dating myself in one paragraph! Moving along…

Each year, my sister-in-law Anna goes to great trouble to painstakingly find holiday cards to send to the boys. It’s her way of staying in touch—reminding the kids that they have an auntie and uncle who love them and let them spend the night playing video games until they collapse. Well, let’s be frank: she really does the card thing to get the reaction she hopes for out of them. Yesterday, there were two Valentines in the mail.

Anna, just for you: I  made them sit on the same couch to open the cards. Et voila!

Mom, take a picture of this. No take a picture of this!CR5A5800-Edit

Okay where did this come from?CR5A5803-Edit

Sure, I’ll open it.CR5A5805-Edit

Heeeeey…what is this…CR5A5806-Edit

[…launches into something about silly and something…] Ok so what’s inside this thing?CR5A5811-Edit

Okay. [that was a very punctuated Oh. Kay.] [leaves]CR5A5812-Edit

A kitty!CR5A5814-Edit CR5A5816-Edit CR5A5817-Edit

Yes, they’re pretty cute, right? Sorry boys, that should be handsome. Don’t forget to thank your auntie.

In other news, a big thanks goes out to the brides and grooms who helped us get The Knot’s Best of 2013 award. We got the award plaque in the mail yesterday! Jesse and I opened it and—it was funny to us—we launched into dialog from A Christmas Story. “It’s Italian!” I do kinda wish it came in a little wooden crate. Idea for next year, The Knot?


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