June 28, 2012


Albums, prints, etc.

I wanted to share some images of a sample guestbook album we have.

Wait, before you check out the images and the quality, why a guestbook? Well, why not? You get to share your favorite images with your guests plus you give them a chance to share a sweet little thought or greeting or even sketch of their own with you. All this in one pretty book.

These were created using Devin and Pete’s Dallas engagement session (their wedding is this weekend…eek!). Their theme colors are brown, violet and yellow so for their cover, we used chocolate silk fabric. Because it’s, well, chocolate. And silk. What’s not to love?I have a thing for neat corners in binding. Neat corners just make me happy.That’s nice silk, you guys. Not quite so nubby as raw silk, but not super shiny slick. Nicely tactile and just the right amount of hefty.The pages do a great job of laying flat to make it nice and easy to write. The paper, a felt uncoated sheet, is toothy and takes ink very nicely. I’d recommend using archival ink pens like you would use for a scrapbook.A few of the spreads I wanted to share:These fabric and vegan leather samples are from ProDPI’s site (thanks for the photos, guys). There’s a good variety of hues however not so many that it’s overwhelming.

Dear brides and grooms: please do ask about pricing for these if we do an engagement session and you’d like to have a guestbook for your reception. It’s a sweet way to keep your memories and your guests’ well wishes for you—in one pretty little book!


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