October 29, 2010

Golden Hour ~ Austin Family Photographer


I didn’t know if 8 a.m. on a Saturday would be too early to shoot, to be honest. I may be up that early, but I may not be awake, know what I mean? But I wanted to meet this family. Why not? They homeschool, too. I was told two are dancers, one a drummer. Very sweet, very talented, wonderful people I was told.

The rumors were all true. And the light was just amazing, gorgeous and warm and lovely and golden. Just perfect.

Meet Clay, Jim, Mary Beth and Emily (unfortunately, we missed mom who was on a flight home).

Salt-of-the-earth folks, sunshine and rainbows, warm sunshine…loved it! They even brought drums, guitar, ballet gear and a bench. The bench survived many homeschooling years. I love adding sentimental things like that to a shoot. This shot is for mom, who didn’t make it. But if her family is any indication, she is a big reason for their smiles:

This is Emily. She’s awesome in front of the camera. Beautiful!

She’s not afraid to ham it up, either. This photo shoot thing is hard work sometimes!

This is Mary Beth. She has a very joyful spirit and it’s very infectious! And I love her angel kisses, (a.k.a. freckles).

She doesn’t mind hamming it up, either.

And Clay! This was this idea:

These are his:

The girls with dad, so sweet!

“Are we getting sentimental, should I cry?”

You know where they get their talent in front of a camera!

There’s certainly much more in the slide show, more than you can shake a stick at. Two drumsticks, even. I really, truly couldn’t resist that one.

To mom, Beth, who wasn’t there: please let us do this again, but with you in the group. It would be a such a pleasure!

A big, huge thank you as always to Simi who made the shoot double fun. You’re fabulous!


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