October 13, 2015

First Time Ever! Austin Mini Sessions


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It’s Fall, y’all! (Sorry, I had to say it.) Have you looked at the calendar? Seriously, how did the time fly so quickly!? All the summer gear is put away, kids are starting to get into the swing of the school year and if your neighbors are anything like mine, pumpkins are starting to make their appearance on front porches all over the place.

Temperatures are dropping and that means it’s a nice time to go outside and take pretty, fun pictures.

If you’ve been thinking about getting family photos done in time for the holidays, this is your chance. For the first time ever, we’re doing mini-sessions! We are scheduling these for the afternoon of October 18, 2015. In case of rain, we will move sessions to the following Sunday, Oct. 25 so please be available for the same times slot on the rain date as well, if needed.

Mini sessions will be 20 minutes long and are just $225 plus tax (total of 243.56) for 5 images in an online gallery for you to download. Additional images can be purchased at $30 each. The high resolution images from your session will be available within two weeks of the session date. You will have personal printing rights to them as you wish.

These sessions will take place at Circle C Metropolitan Park in southwest Austin near the corner of Slaughter and Escarpment. It’s easy to get to, parking is simple and it’s a very short walk to some lovely spots for photos.

To book your slot, please let me know your two preferred time slots from the list below (these will be reserved on a first-come basis). Once I have confirmed your time slot with you, I will send you a link to an online contract for you to sign and a link to submit your payment electronically via Paypal. Here are the time slots still available choose from:

4:00 pm
4:30 pm
5:00 pm

Please email me at smile@mercedesmorgan.com with your preferred time slot plus your second choice. They will be assigned on a first-come, first served basis. I’ll email you with a confirmation of your slot via email, an invoice to pay via Paypal, and directions on where to park and meet me once you arrive at the park.

What should we wear?
The short story: be comfortable.
The long answer: There’s no one right way to dress for a mini session but my one requirement is that you’re comfortable in what you’re in. Some folks opt for dressy attire or very casual. Come in costume! Why not? Just bear a few things in mind when you’re deciding. First, we will be outdoors. So if you pick heels, be sure to bring flats with you to walk from the car to the site where we’ll be taking photos.

How many people can we fit into one session?
The short story: as many as you bring.
The long answer: We can certainly fit in a big group. But since our time is limited, the number of poses will be limited as well. You might decide that a full session would be best if you have a large family. That will ensure that we can get one or two poses for each smaller, immediate family group.

Can we bring our pets?
The short story: yes.
The long answer: You guys know I love having pets along at shoots. But as with regular length sessions, I highly recommend having a handler for them so we can take a few shots sans furry family members. Please be sure to bring a bag for “oops” moments, too.

Can we bring anything?
The short story: indubitably!
The long answer: Please, do. Props to tell your 2015 story would be lovely to share with everyone who’ll see your images. I do recommend you limit how much you bring, though, and consider ease of carrying them. Fussing with a lot of things plus kids and maybe pets would likely eat into our shooting time. Something important to keep in mind!

What if we’re late?
The short story: please don’t be 😉
The long answer: Things happen and sometimes you can’t make it on time. I do recommend that you plan to arrive 10 minutes ahead of time to avoid this and to make sure you can find the location and parking. But since we have a very limited amount of time, if you are late, we will deduct that amount of time from your session. We may not have as many images to deliver, but we’ll do our best. Of course.

Get in touch at smile@mercedesmorgan.com if you need help. I’m excited to get to see you all and make pretty 2015 fall memories!


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