May 11, 2012

Felps Ranch. Or: Mud Is a Good Thing

My Family

I feel incredibly blessed y’all*. It’s not often that wedding photographers get to have input into their client’s ceremony location. Heath and Ashley had asked me if I could come out to their family ranch to check it out. As if the deal weren’t sweet enough, they told me to meet them for lunch at The Maxican, also owned by Heath’s family. Best chile rellenos I have ever had. And the tres leches cake is so good, I literally glutted myself (note: almost finished it, we left a tiny bite which is a testimony to the chile rellenos).

But wait, the shower of blessings didn’t stop there.

It was raining cats and dogs when we entered the restaurant, but by the time lunch was over the rain was mostly done, too. And that meant mud,  a healthy amount at that. We headed to the ranch to check it out and scout places where they could hold the ceremony and around 150 guests.

The welcoming committee:

This was there, and it was hard not to imagine riding around in it on the ranch. Bouncy!burnet tx photographer
This was one possible site for the ceremony, next to a natural spring-fed pond. The pecan trees would provide really nice shade. burnet ranch photography
Gratuitous flower pictures. I can’t help myself. Sorry.burnet texas outdoor wedding location photographyOff to check out another part of the ranch!
Near the house, there’s a stand of three very big oaks with huge shade canopies. Another gorgeous spot for a wedding ceremony.
burnet tx wedding location photographerAlright. We’d checked out a few spots and ultimately Ashley gets final say as to where they would have the wedding. Lunch was amazing, cake was amazing, being with really nice people is always amazing.

One thing served to make this the best day ever: go kart riding. Yes! Heath asked me if I didn’t mind if the kids got muddy. Ooooooh no, not I. Getting muddy on a go kart after a Texas dogs-and-cats rain should be a rite of passage. Heath fixes them up with helmets.
This go kart is, as Heath put it, “the most over-engineered” thing. The button marked “fire down” turned on the music.Noah wasn’t quite sure why he should wear the goggles, but he wore them anyway and off they went. And were back in about a minute.
Joshua takes his turn.Don’t know why Heath is smiling. Obviously this is serious business.But high five anyway.The other go kart…and the real fun begins. Because Noah gets to pilot this one.The welcoming committee trotted himself all the way to where we all were.Mud is awesome. Mud means you made it through the rite. And not only that, but you went back for more.Spied on the way out:

It’s not always that you meet people that make you feel so welcomed, so at home that you are so blessed to be around them. Heath and Ashley and everyone we met today are just like that. It’s kind of hard to wait until Fall to shoot their wedding.

*Y’all is totally intentional.


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