September 17, 2016

Farwa and Ali’s Nikkah ~ Austin Wedding Photographer


Farwa and Ali's Nikkah ~ Austin Wedding Photographer

This was that time when this Austin wedding photographer relearned that a wedding isn’t always just a wedding day. Sometimes, it’s something that happens over days that are sometimes spread over months!

It’s not that often that I get to be there to photograph wedding celebrations for families of cultures very, very different from mine. It is a very interesting to view how differently things are done and also to witness some similarities. It was pretty fun to get the whole scoop from Farwa, well in advance. She was particularly organized and very patient to explain all the details of the religious and cultural parts to the ceremony.

In a nutshell, the nikkah is where the bride and groom sign the wedding contract to finalize their marriage. There are a few cultural aspects to it: the decor that transforms the bride’s home, the flowers to greet the groom and his family, sweets (lots of sweets), a brief exchange of rings and other things. As always, Farwa’s mom and family made sure there was enough food to satiate everyone’s appetite—and then some.

There were a number of really sweet moments but one that stood out was when Farwa’s mom got particularly teary-eyed as she hugged her daughter. Maybe it was seeing her daughter under the same green and gold veil that was used at her own wedding? I’m not sure. It was pretty poignant and, of course as most parents know, a bittersweet time when you acknowledge another great milestone in the life of your child.

Table of sweets in Farwa's home prepared for the arrival of the groom, Ali. Flower petals and peaches grace a table prepared for the arrival of the groom and his family during Farwa and Ali's nikkah ~ Austin Wedding Photographer Bride's family awaits the arrival of the groom's ~ Nikkah of Farwa and Ali Some of Farwa's bridal details, including her clutch and the veil her mom used at her wedding Farwa's mendhi for her nikkah ~ Austin Nikkah Photographer More details from the nikkah of Farwa and Ali ~ Austin South Asian Wedding Photographer Farwa's mom makes a last minute check before Ali and his family arrive ~ Austin South Asian Wedding Photography The women of Farwa's family wait to greet Ali and his family with flowers as the nikkah is set to start ~ Austin south Asian wedding photography Farwa's parents greet Ali at his arrival which signals the start of their nikkah ~ Austin Wedding photographer Welcoming guests to the Nikkah of Ali and Farwa ~ Austin Wedding Photographers Ali heads up to join the rest of the family to celebrate the start of the nikkah ~ Austin Wedding Photographers The aftermath of the greeting of flowers ~ Austin Wedding Photography Farwa's mother adorns her with jewelry as part of the nikkah celebration ~ Austin South Asian Wedding Photography The terms of the contract are explained to Farwa as part of the nikkah celebration ~ Austin Wedding Photographers The terms of the contract are explained to Farwa as part of the nikkah celebration ~ Austin Wedding photojournalists Ali and his dad just before his portion of the nikkah ~ Austin wedding photojournalists Ali during the nikkah ~ Austin Wedding photojournalists The men's portion of the nikkah ~ wedding photojournalists in Austin Farwa and Ali's mothers during the celebration ~ Candid wedding photography Austin The contract is signed and Ali is brought to his bride ~ Austin candid wedding photography The contract is signed and the rings exchanged during Farwa and Ali's nikkah ~ Austin candid wedding photography Groom's garland and the bride's ring ~ Austin nikkah photographerGifts for the attendees of Farwa and Ali's nikkah ~ Austin wedding photographers
Farwa and Ali with their parents at their nikkah ~ Top Austin Wedding Photographers The bride and groom at their nikkah ~ Austin South Asian Wedding Photography
The bride and groom at their nikkah ~ Austin South Asian Wedding PhotographyFor each wedding day event, we’ve taken photos of their hands together. It’s kind of fun to establish our own tradition, yes?Bride and groom's interlaced fingers ~ Austin South Asian Wedding photographers

There was a team that helped make this event very special for Ali and Farwa:

  • Decor and flowers were all by the bride, Farwa.
  • All the meals and sweets were prepared by Farwa’s mom.
  • Latasha Green of Special Day Beauty was incredibly lovely to work with and her results are stunning.
  • Videography¬†was provided by ZeeJay Productions
Rhea Taylor : 04:00 October 2, 2016
This is superb! Love your photography. Super
mercedes : 22:14 October 3, 2016
Why thank you, Rhea! That's awfully sweet of you to say!
Clarke Scott : 02:35 November 16, 2016
these weddings look like so much fun to capture.

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