August 4, 2017

Emily ~ Austin Senior Photographer


An Austin senior portraits session at One Eleven East in Hutto, TX

This girl! I must say, before you ever meet Emily, you always, always, always pick up on her really open, friendly vibe. She has a way of making anyone she talks to feel very at ease and comfortable.

And you know what? That made my work pretty easy! Ha! I called it “work.”

Any time spent with Emily is = fun. She’s ridiculously sweet and animated and all kinds of fun to photograph. She puts on joy and wears it so well.

The fun wasn’t just in having Emily as a subject but she picked One Eleven East for her venue. I am not sure there’s a more fun venue to use as a studio out that way. They are amazingly accommodating hosts! The main room in the venue is lovely with a huge window but we were also able to use the new outdoor area. Super pretty! There’s no shortage of pretty light and it’s not hard to find a bit of nature to traipse around in. Love it so much!

Emily's senior portraits at One Eleven EastAustin senior portraits at 111 East for Emily

Emily's casual, friendly vibe captured in real, lovely senior pictures at 11 East, Hutto, TX

Candid Austin senior portraits for Emily ~ Austin portrait photographer

Candid creative Austin senior portrait photographer for Emily, Del Vally High School Senior

Baylor Bear Emily ~ Candid, creative Austin Senior Photographer

Our time together was such a blast and it was really hard to pick favorites. Emily, wishing you all the best when you are at Baylor. By God’s grace you’ll do amazing at whatever you set your mind to do. It will be fun to watch what you do!

Just a little tip: when you pick a location for a senior portrait session—or any session, really—pick a place you absolutely love and enjoy spending time in. That element of happy familiarity instantly makes you comfortable and it translates so well into the images we make together. The aesthetics of a place you love is really a part of your personal story and that’s such a joy to share in photographs.

Seniors: get in touch. It’s never too early to plan for your portraits!





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