August 24, 2011

Diane and Family ~ OpLove Photographer


I absolutely loved spending time with Diane and her family! These girls are, if I had to choose just one word, animated. They were hilarious! And the dogs were cute, too. Dad is away on deployment but we hope to get to meet him in a couple of months.

OpLove session means patriotic theme which means boots, if you can get them. We got them.

Ziva, play dead!

Dead. Mostly dead.

The sunlight was amazing!

I love these girls. I was treated to multiple dance routines and comedy skits.

One day, I bet they’re gonna be famous. You saw them here, first!

Sasha Maier : 14:15 August 24, 2011
Hey! I am trying to email you but something is wrong with gmail right now and the site is down. I have a date, email me and I will tell you! I hope you or someone can be there for my husbands coming home ceremony. Thanks!
Heather : 23:34 August 24, 2011
SUCH cute kids & the light is to DIE for.
Alicia Adamopoulos : 00:49 August 25, 2011
What a beautiful and radiant family. You have certainly captured such a fun side of them. These photos will surely be treasured by them all. :)
Heather Elizabeth : 02:35 August 25, 2011
What CUTE puppies!!! I love this session.
Michael : 07:04 August 25, 2011
Such a fun set of pics! I reeeeeally love those sunset shots!
Tall : 15:53 August 25, 2011
Super fun! Way to dominate that back light! Well done.
Laurie Peacock : 17:05 August 25, 2011
Fun portrait session. I'm sure the clients will like these!
Emily Porter : 18:01 August 25, 2011
Love the processing here! This looks like a really fun family.
Jessica Schilling : 20:42 August 25, 2011
These are beautiful! Love that great warm, glowing sunlight, and the smiles are so genuine and gorgeous.
Ryan Brenizer : 21:00 August 25, 2011
Fantastic expressions and I love a good group silhouette. Great work!
Jared Tseng : 22:14 August 25, 2011
What a beautiful family. You're right -- amazing light!
Anton Chia : 16:50 August 26, 2011
So fun and beautiful! Awesome work!
Kyle : 03:46 August 27, 2011
Beautiful family and beautiful you for doing this. Seriously amazing shots, I bet the dad/husband is going to be SO happy when he sees these.
Published! ~ Austin Family Photographer - Austin Wedding Photographers ~ Mercedes Morgan Photography : 20:58 January 3, 2013
[...] We shot the photo of Diane, her girls and their fur babies for Operation Love Reunited and one of my favorite photos from the session made it into the paper. Sweet! You can see the rest of my favorites here on the blog. [...]

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