May 24, 2012

Devin’s Bridals ~ Dallas Wedding Photographer


Normally, I don’t get to share bridals with everyone but I have express permission from Devin. So. Happy! Pete promised not to visit the blog. I think she’s amazingly gorgeous in these. The dress is courtesy of her mom. Devin made her own accessories and bouquet. In fact, the entire wedding, just about, will be DIY. We had so much fun during their engagement session so I know what to look forward to when their wedding comes around.

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500 virtual points and my undying admiration if you can identify her alma mater.

icy lazare : 15:13 May 24, 2012
Beautiful, soft and ever so elegant...Love them...
Heather K : 19:38 May 24, 2012
Okay- first of all- she is GORGEOUS!! That dress and the accessories are amazing, her mom and her did a fabulous job. There is a very 'Victorian' gracefulness throughout these photographs. I adore how your style and post-processing bring out the beauty here. Well done!!
Bryan C : 19:43 May 24, 2012
Great work! The last one is funny haha
Veronica Varos : 21:07 May 24, 2012
These are stunning. I love, love, love her tattoos. :)
geneoh : 21:33 May 24, 2012
great work, so much to like about this session.
james : 21:37 May 24, 2012
This is amazing, such a pretty girl. Great work
Jon S6 : 22:08 May 24, 2012
perfect shoot, love the wellies!
Jessie : 23:09 May 24, 2012
I kept scrolling down and loving each shot more and more! TEN!
Sachin Khona : 23:20 May 24, 2012
Yep, the wedding is gonna be epic! Can't wait to see what you produce!
Jean : 00:00 May 25, 2012
How GORGEOUS!!! Beautiful young lady, and such delightful imagery!
Heather J : 00:18 May 25, 2012
Absolutely beautiful. I'm excited to see what she comes up with for the wedding!
Tom Lester : 02:47 May 25, 2012
Great images. Love the tattoo. I also love that location. I could hang out there forever!
Teresa : 07:31 May 25, 2012
aww, your post processing absolutely matches the location, the bride, her personality, everything! Beautiful work!
James Fear : 13:56 May 25, 2012
Just divine. How amazing is the wedding going to be!
Nessa K : 16:09 May 25, 2012
Mercedes, these are absolutely stunning!!
David Childers : 08:01 May 26, 2012
These are fantastic, love your colors and style!
Lem : 19:33 May 29, 2012
Beautiful photos! I love the bride's non-traditional dress.
Sandra : 21:19 June 17, 2012
Victorian elegance. Gorgeous bride, beautiful dress, fab tats, lovely flowers, fabulous processing. Well done.

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