July 4, 2012

Devin & Pete’s Dallas Wedding Photography Sneak Peek


These guys are awesome! But, for the sake of the sensitive, I caution you: there is cupcake violence ahead.

Keep Pete away from cupcakes. That is all.

They did a Fake First Look. Wait. I think I mean Fake First Look™ because I like the sound of that. It’s fake because only Devin could see. Pete was led by the hand to the wall by his dad. Thanks, Dad.

Watermark Church Dallas TX Photography

Somewhere between that ▲ and that ▼  was a ceremony. Sorry, you have to wait as long as I do to see it here on the blog. Spoiler: it was pretty.

Watermark Community Church Wedding Photography

But he looks so innocent! He’s wearing a bow tie, for heaven’s sake!

Watermark Chapel Wedding Photography Dallas

Then, swiftly, the attack!

Dallas Watermark Chapel Wedding Photographer

We were all shocked. Shocked, I tell you!  Devin survived.

Watermark Church Wedding Photography

Pete was not unscathed.Watermark Community Church Wedding

Can’t say the same for the cupcakes. Moment of silence, please.

Ok. Over it now.

This is just a sneak peek, of course. There was a banjo, a pool, cards and moms and dads and laughs and tears and sweets and sweeties. Soon enough, you’ll get to see.


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