November 29, 2014

Cat and Reuben


Cat-Reuben-Anniv-2014-002I get to be around the greatest people. They let me take their wedding pictures and I get to watch them laugh, hug, grin, rejoice and be wed. And then? Then I get to take pictures of their happily ever after.
Cat-Reuben-Anniv-2014-006 copy
Cat-Reuben-Anniv-2014-016 copy Cat-Reuben-Anniv-2014-019 Cat-Reuben-Anniv-2014-030-2 copy Cat-Reuben-Anniv-2014-031-2 Cat-Reuben-Anniv-2014-037-2 Cat-Reuben-Anniv-2014-039-2 Cat-Reuben-Anniv-2014-044-2 copyCat-Reuben-Anniv-2014-067Cat-Reuben-Anniv-2014-051 Cat-Reuben-Anniv-2014-048 copy

Cat-Reuben-Anniv-2014-089 Cat-Reuben-Anniv-2014-106 copy


David : 19:59 November 29, 2014
Great the light.
Aaron : 20:00 November 30, 2014
Beautifully shot! Really like the feel of your work, gorgeous processing too!
Caryn Canatella : 18:34 December 2, 2014
They are so cute! Beautiful images. Love that black and white!
Jessica Schilling : 20:02 December 2, 2014
Beautiful! I love their style and how natural and happy they look, and that skipping stones shot is so cool!
Amanda : 02:02 December 3, 2014
What a good looking, fun couple!
Alyssa Schroeder : 16:26 December 8, 2014
These are so lovely. I love the one of them embracing eachother with the beautiful bokeh. Also the ones of them skipping rocks!
Emilie : 00:14 December 11, 2014
Love this session - what a beautiful, happy couple!

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