March 2, 2016

Cat ~ Austin Maternity Session


It’s not every day that a mom so close to her due date will traipse up the side of a mountain with me for maternity photos. But Cat did head up to the 360 Overlook for her Austin maternity session.

“It’s like going back to where it all started.” she said.

The 360 Overlook is where Cat, Rueben and a handful of friends and family gathered to see them get married. It was pretty amazing and you can see the proof over here.

Instead of a warm October afternoon, we found ourselves at the overlook around dawn on a mild February day. Cat had very little trouble making her way up. Not really surprising: she ran three miles the day she went into labor, just like she ran every other day leading up to it. The idea of photographing someone with such strength and faith in that high (for Austin) mountain (it’s Austin) was just an awesome juxtaposition. Add in the clouds, the quiet and the tiny kiss of dawn, well, it made for a really lovely session. More added sweetness: she brought the rug that was going to live in baby’s nursery plus a pair of booties that her sister crocheted just for him. So cute! That made the session so much more special and so much more unique to her.

The tough part? Getting back down. It’s pretty hard when you can’t see your feet!

Cat's maternity session at the 360 Overlook Austin outdoor maternity session for Cat close up of Cat during her Austin outdoor maternity session at the Pennybacker bridge overlook close up of Cat during her Austin outdoor maternity session at the Pennybacker bridge overlook Austin baby bump session for Cat Austin baby bump session for Cat at the 360 overlookCatalina's Austin outdoor maternity shoot with the rug from baby's nursery maternity session at austin 360 overlook maternity session at austin 360 overlook outdoor maternity session Austin park Cat-Reuben-128 copy Cat-Reuben-142 copy

Are you considering  your own maternity session? This is such a short but incredibly special season in a woman’s life. Recording this season in your life in lovely pictures would be a great memento for you and your family. What a great way to remember how amazing it felt to experience a little life growing inside you!

Get in touch and let’s make it happen!

Deborah (Figgie) : 03:12 March 5, 2016
I wish you lived closer!! (Or I lived closer! LOL!) I love these!! And I looove her dresses!!
Cat and Reuben's Hope Outdoor Gallery ~ Austin Maternity Photography - Austin Wedding Photographers ~ Mercedes Morgan Photography : 03:09 March 15, 2016
[…] This is technically part two of the maternity session since the first was with Cat, solo and you can see that session over here. […]

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