May 8, 2017

Cassie ~ Austin Portrait Photographer


Have I ever mentioned how intimidating it is to photograph another photographer? Well it can be! But Cassie was amazing. She’s the owner of Effjay Photography and one of the entrepreneurs behind The Sparked Workshop. She travels often for her businesses so it was pretty sweet of her to get up at crack o’ dawn o’clock to model for some photos. I think she’s awfully nice.

So she’s extra nice because she didn’t freak out when I told her I wanted to shoot through some spider webs. High fives and all my admiration, Cassie!!

Natural light outdoor portraits for Cassie ~ Austin Portrait Photographer Cassie's Austin outdoor portraits ~ Austin lifestyle Portrait Photographer Cassie's details ~ Austin Portrait Photographer Cassie in morning sunlight ~ Austin portrait photographer Cassie in morning sunlight ~ Austin portrait photographer Cassie in morning sunlight and black and white ~ Austin portrait photographer Cassie in morning sunlight and glasses ~ Austin portrait photographer

Isn’t she just darling? Oh yes. And you? We must make real, lovely pictures together. Get in touch!




Amy Griffiths : 20:44 May 8, 2017
This is such a dreamy capture, you are a super talented Austin portrait photographer.
Molly : 20:56 May 8, 2017
The dress really matches the location and scenery. I love this photo session. You're a wonderful Austin portrait photographer!
Poppy Carter : 21:25 May 8, 2017
The light is just magical and she really has something special! Such a beautiful woman!
Alyssa Bouma : 21:58 May 8, 2017
oh these are so pretty and i love Austin. you are such a great option for those looking for an Austin portrait photographer!
Alissa : 22:28 May 8, 2017
These portraits are incredible. You're a great Austin portrait photographer!
sarah : 00:32 May 9, 2017
so so pretty! You are such a talented Austin Portrait photographer
Jennifer Outlaw : 01:27 May 9, 2017
Wow. This is a gorgeous location. You are an incredible Austin Portrait Photographer.
Misty : 03:45 May 9, 2017
You're right, it is intimidating! But they usually have pretty good taste and pick you for a good reason too. ;) These are fantastic!
Susan : 13:21 May 9, 2017
So ethereal! Beautiful location. I never would've guessed you were intimidated :)
Sharee Davenport : 14:31 May 9, 2017
Shooting through spider webs is so unique. I can see why another photographer would choose you to be their Austin portrait photographer with such creative ideas!
Aryn Baker : 15:19 May 9, 2017
These portraits are beautiful! I love the spot in Austin you chose.
Melissa Johnson : 15:36 May 9, 2017
These are seriously so beautiful! You're an incredible Austin portrait photographer!
Donna Beck : 15:39 May 9, 2017
Such a lovely session, I love your work. You are a very talented Austin portrait photographer!
Valerie : 16:07 May 9, 2017
What a stunning girl! Are you in Austin? I've been looking for a portrait photographer!
Brittany Slaughter : 18:06 May 9, 2017
This light and a beautiful client are an absolute dream for an Austin portrait photographer! Gorgeous work!
Liz Cleland : 18:49 May 9, 2017
I just love the effects lighten, soften the focus of these photos. I know you mentioned spider webs and if so that was worth it for sure!!
Jessica Frey : 15:37 May 11, 2017
Beautiful Cassie! How wonderful you two worked together!
Amy Dang : 17:15 May 12, 2017
Simi : 19:03 May 12, 2017
I love love how you did this! These are so gorgeous and I am really loving these. Cassie is soooo gorgeous and love hoe her spirit shows through in these photos.

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