June 19, 2012


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I was so excited to finally get some canvas samples to share with my clients. This is a new supplier for me and their low prices were almost too good to be true, so I had to check out the quality of their finished products. There’s no way I’d put my name on something that I wasn’t confident would meet my client’s expectation and then some.

And then some! I’m so happy that phrase works in this case.

These 20″x24″ canvases were ordered for Devin and Pete’s wedding. Pete wanted a bridal shot from the time I spent with Devin at Samuell Farm in Mesquite.

Devin's Dallas Bridal Photography

I’m a sucker for the nice, clean corners.

Image of a canvas from Devin's Samuell Farm Dallas Wedding Photography

The back of the canvas is finished very nicely, as well. It’s not open but rather professionally finished with black paper to hide the canvas innards. Canvas innards prefer to be stealthy and ninja. So: black. And for whatever reason, I like typing the word innards.

Dallas Wedding and Bridal Photographer

I doubt you’d ever want to see canvas innards unless you were very interested in canvas anatomy. If you ever had to identify a particular canvas, you’d simply have to match serial numbers. Well, I assume this is a serial number.

Samuel Farm Wedding Photography

I had two canvases made, including the black and white on the right. The image on the left is a bit closer up and shows how clean the image looks on the medium. Not that you would ever do that of course, but it’s nice to know it looks very good.

Dallas Wedding Photography Samuell Farms

For my past couples and clients: if you’re interested in a canvas of your own, please get in touch. I’d love to offer these to you at a special rate (offer’s off the table after July 31, 2012 so don’t take too long ;).


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