April 7, 2017

C Kids’s Itty Bitty Mini Session ~ Austin Mini Session Photographers


Austin Mini Session Outdoors For the C Family’s Kids
C family kids toes and quilt during their Itty Bitty mini session - Austin Mini Session Photographer

We’ve known this family for a long, long time, since there were only two kiddos and they were just itty bitty! So when mom and dad approached us for a session so they had photos to give as gifts for the grandparents, of course we said yes! They’re an awesome family and we—and our whole church family—have been blessed through them.

The kids are brilliant and the sweetest things. They made it easy to get these photos done in twenty minutes! To be honest we did have more but I’m sharing personal favorites with you.

C Family's second daughter portraits during their Austin Itty Bitty Mini Session - Austin Mini Session PhotographyC Family'syoungest portraits during their Austin Itty Bitty Mini Session - Austin Mini Session Photography All the C kids together during their Austin Mini session - Austin Lifestyle family photographer I don’t remember why the girls got this look, but it will be my favorite forever:All the C kids together during their Austin Mini session - Austin Lifestyle family photographer

These childhood days are short and little ones grow up SO fast, it’s ridiculous! Right? Sessions like this are a way to stop time for a little bit and celebrate all the happy, silly family togetherness.

It’s spring, y’all! And Mother’s Day is coming up. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have some keepsakes to gift to mom or grandma or aunties? Who wouldn’t enjoy seeing their treasured little ones in real, lovely pictures?

Get in touch with me and schedule your own time-stopping Itty Bitty Mini session this spring!

Ok, one more, just for fun:



Laura : 19:31 April 10, 2017
Adorable kiddos! Such fun portraits!
Kira Vos : 21:25 April 10, 2017
Cute portraits of these sweet kids. You did a great job!
sarah : 00:13 April 11, 2017
I love the toes shot!!
Melissa : 00:18 April 11, 2017
haha love this last one! and the one with the toes :)
Alissa : 01:47 April 11, 2017
What a fun session and love the little video!
Jennifer Mills Blume : 02:11 April 11, 2017
Love it when siblings seem like best friends! Too cute all around!
Alyssa Bouma : 02:17 April 11, 2017
what a fun session for these siblings!
IDowed : 02:26 April 11, 2017
lifetime memories. I love seeing kids get professional photos. these are pictures that will be cherished forever.
Janessa Valentine : 02:42 April 11, 2017
That hair shake is everything! Love how you captured their different personalities.
Angie : 03:34 April 11, 2017
These are awesome! Beautiful kids and love the one at the end!
Emilyanne : 03:39 April 11, 2017
So sweet that you have a connection with this family and have seen them grow! They are too cute!
Valerie : 14:12 April 11, 2017
These are all so cute! Love all the kiddos!
Aryn Baker : 15:38 April 11, 2017
Oh my goodness! This sibling mini session is too cute! I love the little brother's expression in the last one!
Jennifer : 17:13 April 11, 2017
This is so adorable! I know their parents will cherish these forever. Sibling sessions are so fun.
Grammy Dawney : 17:46 April 11, 2017
Beautiful set. You seemed to catch each child at their best.
Misty : 17:49 April 11, 2017
What a fun and adorable bunch of kiddos! Great job capturing their personalities!
Tiara : 18:03 April 11, 2017
These kiddos look like they are just so much fun hand have such big personalities! <3
Brittany Slaughter : 19:43 April 11, 2017
Oh wow! these mini sessions are beautiful! I love that gif at the end is so cute!

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