March 3, 2017

Austin Business Portraits


I absolutely love a well-done, proper headshot for conveying professionalism and the right kind of connection with your audience. But sometimes, you want to go a little bit beyond the standard. Sometimes you want to convey a bit more of your personality and get a deeper connection with not just any audience but specifically your ideal clients.

A good business portrait shows a little bit more of your personality and makes you more relatable to those folks who are your target market. They are also an opportunity to showcase a little of your brand, not just your personality. A headshot is a formal, straightforward representation of you but a business portrait tells a bit more of your story, of who you are. And with a little bit of context, a good business portrait can also illustrate what you do.

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to join a styled shoot workshop and part of it involved exchanging headshots. I had the awesome opportunity to do a few for a couple of vendors as well as other wedding photographers. They’re wildly different results but that’s because they’re for wildly different personalities. How awesome! I took the time to also do some “at work” photos that include a lot of context. I love it when it’s not just a straightforward portrait but more of a story: how someone works, how someone communicates, a little character. Here are a few of my favorites:

Brooke Blodgett is a brand strategist at Ichor Creative. Ichor’s goal is to help small businesses and influentials make a difference with intentional branding and relationship marketing.

Brooke Blodgett of Ichor Creative ~ Austin Business Portrait Photographer

Ronnie Izon of Ronnie Bliss Photography is a wedding and portrait photographer inspired by idea of preserving seasons and moments in photographs as a legacy for future generations. She loved these shots of herself in the yellow and I’m personally partial to the one in black so I had to share it. Her laughter is infectious!

This is Elyse Herman, cofounder and cocreative at Bark and Beam. I don’t know that you’ll find anyone as hard working—and as creative—as her! Her floral arrangements are beautifully effortless in their feel. It takes a lot of time and care to get everything to look just so and she takes a lot of pride in what she does.

Elise Herman of Bark and Beam ~ Austin Business Branding Photography

This is Melody of Melodic View Photography. This girl! She’s living the dream! Melody travels to weddings through out the United States working in her mobile office. The only thing she loves more than photographing weddings and portraits is traveling to get there! She’s also a big nature lover and enjoys spending time at national parks. She has a real joie de vivre that I loved seeing in my camera.

Melody of Melodic View Photography ~ Austin Business Portrait Photography

Flavia Watkins had her own studio for a time but is now a full-time associate producer for Rebecca Chesney Photography. She requested a really moody black and white with her hood on. The others are a couple of my favorite. I loved getting to shoot these for her, especially executing the black and white one.

Flavia Watkins of Rebecca Chesney Photography ~ Austin Business Portrait Photography

Business portraits are a perfect option for small business owners, startup companies, realtors, bloggers, creative entrepreneurs, makers—any enterprise where good personal communication is a core value. If you’d like a way to bring greater connection with your ideal clients, business portraits that convey you and your brand might be just the thing.

I’d love to connect with you and make amazing images together. Get in touch with me at Tell me about yourself and your brand, and let’s show all that off in real, lovely pictures!




Iris s : 16:51 March 3, 2017
Beautiful portraits!
Simi : 01:39 March 5, 2017
These are gorgeous Mercedes! Well done!
Isabelle : 12:24 March 8, 2017
Great portraits, I'm sure they all love them so much!!
Albert Palmer : 12:54 March 8, 2017
Great job Mercedes - they must be really happy with these, very natural and colourful
Yolande De Vries : 09:01 March 13, 2017
Love these business portraits, they must be thrilled with them!
Kelsey : 16:49 March 14, 2017
These are so great!
Penelope L'amore : 15:46 March 20, 2017
How cute! I know some of these lovely ladies personally and it's so nice to see them in action! : ) You did a beautiful job of capturing these awesome professionals in action!

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