September 2, 2017

Amy and Corey ~ Austin Proposal Photographer


Before we share the images that show what it was like to be Amy and Corey’s Austin proposal photographer, you need to read all about their story. It’s too good.

“My name is Corey and my girlfriend is Amy. We are originally from Alpine, Texas where we grew up and went to school together; but now reside in Chicago. We have been together since August 22, 2008. I have made her wait far too long for this proposal, as we have lived and been moving around together for over seven years. The engagement and wedding has taken a backseat to my career. I work with Customs and Border Protection and began my career on the border in Presidio, Texas, where after five years of service I transferred to Chicago in June of 2014. We have been up here ever since and miss Texas with all our heart.  My mother’s side of the family is originally from Austin (and Burnet) so Austin has always held a special place to us. Amy’s brother and sister now live there.

I originally planned for this proposal to take place on August 22, 2017 aboard the Disney Dream cruise ship in the Bahamas. We had gone on a cruise in September of 2013 and had the time of our lives. However, around mid-May of this year, Amy’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I actually purchased the ring about a week before we found out. Her mom began treatment at an oncologist in the Austin area last week. Her mom is staying in Austin with her sister and will be attending chemotherapy sessions for most of this upcoming summer. I feel that the importance of her family being around at the proposal is paramount to anything I could ever do on my own…”

And so a plan was hatched. Corey arranged for a visit from Chicago to Austin. The day before he planned to ask Amy to be his wife, he asked her dad for his blessing. So the only ones who knew what was about to happen were Amy’s father, Corey’s brother and Amy’s best friend who Corey flew in just for the occasion. To distract the family, a nice dinner was arranged but before that, Corey told Amy it would be a nice surprise for her mom to see the bats that evening. So Amy thought the surprise was all for her mom. Off to the boardwalk everyone went and Corey wasted no more time: he got on his knee and Amy’s reactions were just, well, the best.

The moment Corey asked Amy to be his wife with her family to witness ~ Austin Proposal Photographer Mercedes Morgan Amy's reaction as she says yes to Corey's proposal ~ Austin proposal ideas Amy's family reacts to the proposal ~ Austin boardwalk photo session Corey's proposal to Amy ~ Austin proposal photography Corey's proposal to Amy ~ Austin proposal photographers Hugs and laughs after Amy says yes to Corey ~ proposal photographers in Austin Amy's reaction to the ring is priceless! ~ Austin proposal photography by Mercedes Morgan photography Corey, Amy and their best friends celebrate after the proposal ~ ideas for proposals in Austin ~ Mercedes Morgan Photography Corey and Amy play games after the proposal ~ proposal photography in Austin

Impromptu rock, paper, scissors. Amy 1, Corey 0. This happens a fair amount of time during our sessions. I don’t know why, but I love it!

Amy with her mom and dad ~ Austin Boardwalk portraits Amy and Corey moments after the proposal ~ Austin proposal ideas Amy and Corey the day they were engaged ~ Austin boardwalk portraits ~ Austin proposal photography Engagement photo session for Amy and Corey ~ Austin Boardwalk engagement photos ~ Mercedes Morgan Photography

Mexican free-tailed bats on their way to dinner at sunset on the day Corey proposed to Amy ~ Austin proposal photographers

The engagement rings Corey gave to Amy. The one on the far right is the official engagement ring. Austin proposal photography by Mercedes Morgan Photography.


And you wanna know what was an unexpected but really neat part about that evening? They did get to see the bats!

The entire experience was just too perfect for words. Amy was so happy and her friends and family were just as overjoyed.

There was a fair amount of planning, heart and soul that went into photographing Corey’s proposal to Amy. If you or someone you know is planning to propose, let’s get in touch! We don’t just photograph the event, but we walk you through planning and timing the event. That way, we’re are sure as possible to give you real, lovely photographs to help you remember just how giddy you felt in that moment.







Hilary : 12:48 September 5, 2017
I love surprise engagement shoots! They're so emotional and raw. Great job.
Blair : 12:50 September 5, 2017
Anyone who hires a photographer to capture their engagement is a winner in my book! Love the authentic emotions and how you captured them. Well done!
jiyeon : 13:46 September 5, 2017
omg proposals always get me so so excited! you did such an amazing job on this sweet proposal!
Jamie : 14:35 September 5, 2017
Love it that he invited friend/family to witness! What a wonderful surprise. And you caught all the variety and emotion-love!!!
sarah : 18:28 September 8, 2017
Ahhhh these are memories to last forever! I wish I had images like this!
Mariana : 20:23 September 8, 2017
Awww I love surprise engagements! So sweet! And how awesome that friends and family were included!
EJ : 20:26 September 8, 2017
Incredible story, I love that you captured this for them! The emotions are so raw!
Shayna : 20:40 September 8, 2017
Such a moving proposal story and beautiful moments captured forever. So much sweet emotion comes thru these photos!
Kira Vos : 20:58 September 8, 2017
What a fun and special moment you captured! This Austin proposal is beautiful!
Erinn Powell : 22:39 September 8, 2017
Lovely surprise engagement shoot, you captured every moment so beautifully. Gorgeous work!
Emily Moore : 00:20 September 9, 2017
Wow, you did such a great job capturing this proposal for this sweet couple! I love the family reaction shots, too!
Hilary : 01:17 September 9, 2017
I love how you added his little insight and writing to the engagement. Such a special look at the couple!
amina : 02:43 September 9, 2017
omg! Ok I don't know about the bats part, but a) she is such a stunning woman! How cute is that that he surprised her! She will definitely treasure these photos!
Sandi : 05:24 September 9, 2017
That sweet proposal with the Austin skyline makes me homesick for my old stomping ground!!
Elizabeth : 12:38 September 9, 2017
Wow! This is so beautiful and emotional! So great the family was there for it!
Meghna Dixit : 17:10 September 9, 2017
Wow! Almost like I am watching a shot out of a movie. Love the capture. Great job.
Alice L : 01:33 September 10, 2017
This is beautiful surprise engagement session. The backstory was a special treat to read before seeing the photos.
Surekha Busa : 02:36 September 10, 2017
Precious moments beautifully captured! Such a beautiful suprise engagement session.
Alyssa : 04:04 September 10, 2017
what a beautiful austin proposal! such a special event to capture
Deb : 07:14 September 10, 2017
OMG! The surprise is epic. Love seeing their emotion - both the couple and their family. So moving...
Morgan Ellis : 14:59 September 10, 2017
These are great! Congratulations to them!
annie : 14:21 September 11, 2017
memories to keep forever! love how you captured the details

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