March 29, 2017

Altar Ego Weddings ~ Austin Business Portraits


Austin Business Portraits for Altar Ego Wedding Planners’ Austin Team

Altar Ego Events - Austin Business Portraits - Mercedes Morgan Photography

It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to get to photograph business headshots for these amazing ladies, Jen, Jen and Jenna.

These ladies are the Austin contingent of Altar Ego Weddings, a premier wedding planning and coordinating company operating in Austin, Hill Country and Dallas/Ft. Worth areas. Their goal is to make sure that a bride and groom have a stress-free wedding planning process. Having seen and experienced being a part of an Altar Ego wedding team, I can honestly say that this is so true! True not only for the couple, but for the rest of the vendor team as well.

I thought it would be fun to share a little bit about each of the team.

Jennifer Ashford is the core of Altar Ego Weddings. We met over coffee after she and her family moved to Austin from DFW. It’s kinda hard not to like someone if you get to meet them over coffee, at least I think so. I’ve since had the pleasure of photographing her family each year (headshots for her husband, too!) and getting to see their boys grow up like weeds.

Jen is a bottomless source of energy and ideas with a decade of experience in wedding planning and coordinating. Beyond that considerable experience, she has the designation of Certified Wedding Planner through AACWP and is one of their mentors and instructors. As if that wasn’t enough, she serves on their board of directors. Clearly, Jen knows her way around a wedding, pretty much any style of wedding. When asked what kind of weddings she and her Altar Ego team specializes in, Jen says “all of them!” The idea is that each couple is absolutely different and the goal is to come along side them and help their vision come to fruition. Jen’s planning skills and great vendor relations means clients will relish their wedding planning experience.

Fun fact about Jen: she loves to quilt. Like finished quilts. I have always wanted to do that!

Austin Business Portraits for Altar Ego Events - Mercedes Morgan Photography


Jenna (in the ruby red dress), brings a ton of experience in event planning to the Altar Ego table. She has a background in planning and coordinating everything from state conferences, annual meetings, and holiday parties. While working on these events and continuing to develop her skills, Jenna realized she had a special passion for planning and coordinating weddings. Seriously, though, who wouldn’t love to help amazing couples see their vision come to life? Jenna is also has the designation of Trained Wedding Planner through AACWP to go along with her Bachelor of Communications from UT.

Fun fact about Jenna: she has a puppy named Chloe that she rescued through Austin Pets Alive while she was in college.

Casual branding images for Altar Ego Weddings - Mercedes Morgan Photography Altar Ego Weddings casual outdoor business portraits ~ Austin Business Photographer - Mercedes Morgan Photography

Jen K. (in the orange dress) is a unique creative individual who adds a lot of talent to the Altar Ego Austin team. Unique in that she’s one of those creative folks who not only loves color, making lovely things and other artistic pursuits, but she also loves spreadsheets and timelines and all things organizational. She has a BFA from University of North Texas in graphic design. That means she brings a ton of skill to the team: she not only does amazing calligraphy, she also has experience with videography. Jen K. has a real laid-back vibe and wants each couple she works with to know: “no stress allowed!”

Fun fact about Jen K.: she owns a cat named Helveticat, named after the documentary. That is my favorite everything! I love cats, love that documentary the most!

Group business portrait for Altar Ego Weddings - Austin Business Photographers - Mercedes Morgan Photography

Yay! I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting this amazing team. Having worked with Jen before, I can’t wait for the opportunity to work with Jen K and Jenna in the future.

If you or someone you know has a small business that needs branding imagery and new business portraits, please get in touch. I’d love to get to know you, what you offer your clients and share your story in real, lovely pictures.


A Hagood : 17:28 March 29, 2017
Looks like a fun team, and their names are killing me! :D
Katia Forero Photography : 17:39 March 29, 2017
Mercedes, beautiful headshots. Love the rich colors. Gorge, as always.
Amy d : 18:05 March 29, 2017
Helveticat hehehehe. They look gorgeous!! I love what you did for them.
Laura Acton : 18:36 March 29, 2017
I bet they have lots of fun at work :) Gorgeous images!
mercedes : 18:55 March 29, 2017
Thanks, Laura! They're awesome people and I know you're right about the fun at work part!
mercedes : 18:55 March 29, 2017
Thank youuuu!
mercedes : 18:56 March 29, 2017
Thanks! And yeah, the names! :D
Justin Ashford : 13:27 March 30, 2017
Excellent article. Thanks for writing about Jen and Altar Ego Weddings on your blog. And the pics are fabulous, as usual!
mercedes : 14:50 March 30, 2017
Thanks, Justin! It doesn't hurt to work with real, lovely people!
Elise : 04:06 April 2, 2017
How cute that they have such similar / same names! Great portraits. :-)
Elizabeth Weitz : 16:45 April 3, 2017
I love the vibrant colors here. Such a great collections of images for their headshots. Great work!
Amanda : 16:53 April 3, 2017
the lighting in these is gorgeous! these photos are so beautiful!
Kira Vos : 17:39 April 3, 2017
Great Austin business portraits. I'm hope they love them!
Aida : 17:46 April 3, 2017
Super portraits! You did a great job :)
mercedes : 18:01 April 3, 2017
So cute, right? I love it! It's just one of their distinctives. And thanks for the blog love!
mercedes : 18:01 April 3, 2017
Thanks so much for your kind words! They're vibrant people.
mercedes : 18:02 April 3, 2017
Thanks so much for your kind words, Amanda!
mercedes : 18:02 April 3, 2017
Thanks for that, Kira!
mercedes : 18:03 April 3, 2017
Thanks so much Aida!
Amy Griffiths : 19:21 April 3, 2017
You can tell you got some kick ass boss ladies right here! I love how their colours perfectly complement each other!
Alissa : 21:18 April 3, 2017
This looks like such a fun group and such great photos!
Idowed : 23:10 April 3, 2017
Great photo session . Great pictures
mercedes : 00:00 April 4, 2017
Thanks so much! They thought of everything. Because: planners ;)
mercedes : 00:01 April 4, 2017
They're a wonderfully fun group! Thanks for the sweet comments.
mercedes : 00:01 April 4, 2017
Stephanie Sugaski : 01:45 April 4, 2017
These are awesome Austin business portraits. I love the colors they all wore!
mercedes : 02:49 April 4, 2017
Thank you!
Kelly Tasker : 03:00 April 4, 2017
This light is crazy good! Good looking ladies!
Jessica V : 03:06 April 4, 2017
What fun business shots!
Valerie : 04:03 April 4, 2017
What beautiful headshots! Such pretty ladies!
Ashley : 06:02 April 4, 2017
That looks fun! love the color of their dresses. Love your work!
mercedes : 12:22 April 4, 2017
Thank you, Jessica! And they are :)
mercedes : 12:22 April 4, 2017
Thanks, Jessica :)
mercedes : 12:23 April 4, 2017
Thank you, Valerie!
mercedes : 12:23 April 4, 2017
The dresses were their idea. Thank you Ashley :)
Jenny Roth : 14:00 April 4, 2017
These ladies shine with sass and competence. Great business photos!
Emily Moore : 14:05 April 4, 2017
What a lovely group of ladies! These headshots are just gorgeous -- I know they must have been very pleased! Beautiful work!
Alyssa : 14:37 April 4, 2017
i love the colors in these! they are going to get so much business from these beautiful shots!
Andrea : 15:09 April 4, 2017
Looks like a fun group of ladies
Tiara : 16:51 April 4, 2017
What a fun group of women for a fun shoot! They are absolutely gorgeous with some killer smiles and seem to have big/fun personalities! <3
Sharee Davenport : 16:51 April 4, 2017
Oh my goodness, I love the way they coordinated their outfits. What a lovely group of lady entrepreneurs!
Nicole pettit : 17:41 April 4, 2017
They are gorgeous! And so is this light!
Brittany Slaughter : 18:48 April 4, 2017
Oh these are such awesome portraits! What a great lookin team!

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